Are You  Suffering From A
Skin Rash?


There are many types of skin rash with various levels of severity and from many different causes. Every year many people report their skin rash problems and the cause of many of them go unknown. But take heart, for they can be relieved and the skin restored naturally.

Dry, itchy, rashy skin can be very frustrating.

First, know that there are several possible reasons for an outbreak:

1) scaly patches of skin caused by infection

2) scaly patches of skin caused by an allergy

3) scaly patches of skin produced by fungus or bacteria (this includes diaper rash and athletes foot)

4) red, itchy bumps or patches all over the body or scalp from harmful chemicals in commercial skin care products

5) handling or coming into contact with a certain object or substance

Certainly this list is not exhaustive.

What To Do For Skin Rash

People suffering with this condition ask, "What can I do naturally to relieve my skin rash?"

Use a natural cream that not only adds much needed moisture but also helps to provide a seal to avoid loss of moisture that is crucial to proper skin repair.

A MUST is that it also STOPS the itching while its working!

That means using products that contain a powerful humectant as well as an occlusive.

I explain it this way, humectants are like powerful magnets, drawing much needed moisture into the deepest layers of the skin .

Most times our skin does not contain nearly the necessary amount of moisture in the skin layers to promote healthy skin. Therefore, a humectant is a vital ingredient in a proper skin repair.

Occlusives, on the other hand, act as a natural barrier by locking in moisture absorbed by the skin and thereby help to protect the skin. This process assists the skin in retaining moisture and leaves the skin feeling smooth and well protected.

These are the dynamic qualities that bring about fast, effective relief and protection when you need it.

Be sure that the products you use don't contain mineral oil and petroleums (these clog your pores!) along with dangerous chemicals. It should contain the vitamins C, A and E as well as soothing Chamomile, Comfrey and Calendula Herbal Extracts, Urea and Shea Butter .

These prime ingredients have a great therapeutic effect on healing and skin restoration as well as work fast.

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Letter to Nanette:

Many, many thanks for your creams...the photos show how much my legs have improved after only 5 days! I have no more burning from the inside out....I'm so much happier! I am a natural therapist in New Zealand and am extremely sensitive to so many things and I have many allergies and struggled all my life with health issues - often being hospitalized. With this recent skin rash I was to the point of agony....I sought help from my doctor but he has no understanding of my sensitivity so I've suffered and tried to see a specialist and they deemed my condition not urgent enough to warrant "specialist" help...really!!!! I am so very impressed with your creams and supplements and wondering if there is anyway I could be involved in bringing them to New Zealand...I'd love to be able to offer them to my clients in my clinic...many thanks!! Megan R., New Zealand


Hi my name is Natalie and I ordered your product about 3 weeks ago. My son Gabriel who's only 15 months got this rash around his mouth and I thought it was from drooling, but the doctor said it was some type of dermatitis. He prescribed a hydrocortisone cream which made it worse! Then I found the Skin Remedies website and ordered the product immediately! Three weeks later my son's rash is almost gone! Thank you Aim to Health for your amazing product! Natalie Goffinet, USA


Letter to Nanette:

Hi, I don't know if you remember me but I had gotten a very bad skin rash from a chemical I accidentally came in contact with- it had raised red bumps and was very itchy. I followed your recommendation and used it last night and what a relief - no itching and the red is going. I am very pleased and I thank you - I will pass your advice on to my granddaughter who has itchy dry skin. Glad I found you!" F. N., Cut Bank MT

Hello There Nanette,

I’ve struggled with a rash that I never had before for a little over a year. The doctor first said it was pityriasis rosea and that it would go away on its own, and it just never did completely. He even biopsied it and the biopsy confirmed (90%) that it was pityriasis. Then, after the new year, I broke out really badly on my upper arms and back and still didn’t clear completely on my chest. I saw a different doctor who thought that it may be some type of an eczema so he gave me hydrocortisone but the cortisone still seemed to irritate my skin a bit, So, I researched and found your cream with the urea in it and saw all your testimonials and that encouraged me that I could have my nice skin back again. I then began using the products recommended and not only is my pityriasis rosea gone but the red marks are faded and almost gone as well!! Janet Robinson, Utah

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