Want To Fade Away Those
Age Spots?

Age spots make us look old! Sometimes they are also called liver spots or sun spots, but know this, they can be removed.

Many people are embarrassed at dark spots on their hands

I am asked many times, "What causes age spots?"

First know that there are several reasons why these blemishes form.

1) Sunburn and sun damage - You may have exposed unprotected skin to ultraviolet rays for lengthy periods, whether from a tanning booth, a sunlamp or years of going without sunscreen. In response, your skin has tried to protect itself by producing an overabundance of melanin--the pigmented cells in your skin--in uneven patches.

2) Synthetic Chemicals - that come in contact with your skin can cause these spots as well as make your skin more sensitive when you go out in the sun.

3)Antibiotics- will also cause your skin to produce dark blemishes when it is not protected from the sun.

4) Perfume (Fragrance) ingredients - When perfumes or lotions containing artificial ingredients are applied to sun-exposed areas, they can produce skin damage.

Age Spots Don't Have To Be Permanent

The next question frequently asked, is of course, "How can I get rid of my age spots?"

The answer to this lies in understanding that there are actually 7 layers to our skin. Moisturize your skin with products that can penetrate these layers to deeply condition this sun damaged skin.

By penetrating every layer, the exfoliation process is greatly enhanced so that the accumulated pigmentation will over time (this varies from person to person) dissipate.

Make sure the creams you choose are plant sourced and are capable of traveling down the deepest layer of the skin. Stay away from products that contain MINERAL OIL as these will only "suffocate" your skin and actually prevent proper exfoliation.

The right natural cream will also help restore post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation (a condition that can afflict darker-skinned women).

As a final note, in prevention of sun spots, please be sure to apply the right natural SPF for your skin type, every time you go out in the sun. Protection of excess sun rays is an important factor in caring for your skin.

***Be careful if you're thinking of using hydroquinone, a popular ingredient in products claiming to lighten skin. Ironically, in certain skin types, the opposite -- ochronosis, or darkening of the skin -- can occur especially in darker-skinned individuals.

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Letter to Nanette:

I came to you several days before Christmas and asked about the dark age spots on my hands and up my arms and what you would recommend to get rid of them. I had tried a number of other products elsewhere but nothing came even close to working and I didn't want to try any of the bleaching kits out there. I followed your advice and used your All Over Face & Body Wash as well as My Daughter's Hand & Body TheraCream and now most of the spots are gone and the ones that are left are so faint that they could barely be seen. My husband insisted that I get more since now my skin looks so beautiful!  Thank you! Maggy, Schaumburg, IL

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