Anti Aging Skin Care Demands Health Building Ingredients!

Who isn't looking for an anti aging skin care treatment these days?  We've all heard the term "Anti Aging" but to me it refers so much more to replenishing and restoring healthy, vibrant skin!  You see, as we age skin becomes more vulnerable as it loses its ability to remain healthy and elastic. Hydration, the water content in the skin, is an important factor in both the appearance and the barrier function of the skin as is diet and life style.  Factors such as: too much sun exposure (which can lead to age spots), excessive sugar intake, worrying and a high-pressure lifestyle can also damage your dermis. The stress hormone cortisol literally gets under your skin. All of these factors can lead to dryness, wrinkles, brittle and sagging skin.  Your collagen and elastin have now become damaged!

Further, using Alpha Hydroxy, Retin-A and Estrogen creams to allegedly reverse or counter the aging process can leave your skin in worse condition than before and here's why: these products rely on a chemical type of exfoliation that actually peels off the outer layer of the skin thereby thinning out the skin and making it appear red, flaky and shiny......clearly NOT what you want!

In addition to this, constant application of these damaging creams end up stripping off the protective keratin layer that covers the skin causing fluid loss thereby increasing wrinkling and making your highly sensitive to the sunlight.

Anti Aging - The Good News

The good news is it's never too late to turn back the clock. Using products that contain natural, health building ingredients along with positive healthy life style changes will help return youthful and plump skin.

Wrinkles and crepey skin can make us feel old

Anti Aging Recommendations

I get asked by hundreds of women, and yes, men, of varying ages, "What is the best anti aging skin care you recommend?" Of course my answer would be, "Use the BEST health building ingredients and your skin will respond to these natural remedies just as your body responds to healthy foods." 

Remember that wrinkle free skin just doesn't happen.....patience and consistency are necessary! With my anti aging skin care recommendations you will soon be enjoying smooth skin, free of loose and sagging tissue.

Below you will find our NEW anti-aging serums and creams that are specially formulated with health building ingredients to help improve skin tone and texture for overall radiance and youthfulness.  We feel these truly are the most amazing products on the market today!

Old Fashioned Skin Jelly

Directions:  Use as a facial masque, light moisturizer, eye gel, or soothing body gel. As a masque, apply generously and leave on for 5-20 minutes before rinsing off. As a moisturizer, apply a thin layer and allow to soak in.

OLD FASHIONED SKIN JELLY   4 oz Dive into deep gel hydration with our brand new Old Fashioned Skin Jelly to give your special skin a deep and soothing skin quenching experience to moisturize even the most sensitive skin.  Our Old Fashioned Skin Jelly is a fast absorbing cool gel sensation and is never sticky or greasy.
The clean and very light Cucumber and Cranberry scent is so crisp and delightful! This fabulous Jelly is wonderfully effective all year round, and is great for all skin types. Perfect as a hydrating or calming mask, under-eye gel and facial or body moisturizer.

Supercharged Antioxidant Serum

Berry "Full" Facial Serum 1 oz

Richly made with the finest berries around! This super serum contains rosehips, cranberry, blueberry and red raspberry fruit along with neem seed, white willow bark and rosemary leaf to help rejuvenate and restore your skin to its beautiful best. Apply before moisturizing.

Supercharged Antioxidant Serum   1 oz

Loaded with essential skin care Vitamins B3 and E, Organic Rooibos Leaf Extract, Organic White Willow Bark Extract, MSM, Hyaluronic Acid and Organic White and Green Tea to help improve the skin tone, firmness and texture for overall radiance and youthfulness.  Apply before moisturizing.

Berry Nourishing Essential Facial Cream

Berry Nourishing Essential Facial Cream 2 oz   

Anti-aging cream rich in antioxidants and nourishing berries for skin that has lost its youthful health and firmness. Enhanced with blueberry, cranberry, raspberry, vitamins, organic neem, rosehip fruit, and so much more to nourish and enrich your skin cells for a more vibrant you!

Advanced Hydrating Facial Cream

Advanced Hydrating Facial Cream 2 oz

  Super hydrating anti-aging cream loaded with antioxidants for skin prone to dryness, fine lines and loss of firmness. Contains an amazing array of high powered hydrating nutrients! Enrich your skin with DMAE, MSM, green & white tea, hyaluronic acid, roobois leaf and so much more! Discover a new and refreshed you!

Healthy Nails

Healthy Nails 15ml/.5 oz

Healthy Nails contains a wide array of nourishing oils formulated specifically to help nails grow. This amazing natural oil blend will keep your nails hydrated, rejuvenated, moisturized & nourished. Healthy Nails is rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids which greatly improves the nail surface.

Beautiful Complexion On Senior

Your skin depends on nourishing and health building ingredients and that's why we've put these super charged products that contain rich antioxidants and vitamins together just for you!

Letter to Nanette:

I have been using your anti aging recommendations now for 3 months and I absolutely LOVE it! My skin tone has really evened out and my skin is now soft, smooth and supple. I am 55 years old and without make-up I am getting compliments on my skin! Sheila, Bloomingdale, IL

Dear Nanette:

I'm 85 years young and I ordered your products for the first time. I love how they make my skin feel and look! In fact, I was going to lunch with my daughter and she said, "Mom, what are you doing with your face....it looks amazing!" I am so happy with your products and will keep using them always.....many thanks, Mildred Stein, Wisconsin

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