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Most people are not aware that baby care products such as shampoos, lotions and powders may expose infants to chemicals (including fragrance) that have been linked with negative side effects. I have seen many skin problems erupt on little babies due to the harmful ingredients in some products.

The chemicals, called phthalates, are found in many ordinary products including toys, baby care and hair products, cosmetics and even vinyl flooring.  They are used to stabilize fragrances and make plastics flexible.

Study of baby care products

Babies delicate and sensitive skin needs extra care

In one study of baby care products, phthalates were found in elevated levels in the urine of babies who'd been recently shampooed, powdered or lotioned with baby products.

Unfortunately, these chemicals often don't appear on product labels since retail products aren't required to list individual ingredients of fragrances, which are a common phthalate source.

In a another study, over 150 babies between the ages 2 to 28 months were examined. The researchers measured levels of several phthalates from baby care products including lotions, powders, diaper creams and baby wipes by examining the urine from their diapers. All urine samples had detectable levels of at least one phthalate, and most had levels of several more.

The highest levels were linked with shampoos, lotions and powders, and were most prevalent in babies younger than 8 months.

Another useless ingredient is MINERAL OIL which is primarily used as a cheap filler in so many products.  Since it coats the skin and clogs the pores and does not, therefore allow moisture in, it can cause acne, irritation, dandruff and skin dryness.

Very sadly, many children's and baby care bath products contain chemicals that can trigger allergies and also greatly irritate the nasal and respiratory passages.

In conclusion, I feel there is an obvious need for laws that force the baby care industry to reveal all of the chemicals contained in their products. The bottom line is that these chemicals that are commonly being used on our children can potentially cause health problems.

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Baby Eczema After
Baby Eczema Before

Hello Nanette,

I must say that your product works wonders. My 5 month old daughter had eczema since she was 2 months old and I tried so many creams and did not see any results. Also, I applied hydrocortisone but saw that it made it worse! Your website had great information and it helped me to take care of my daughter's eczema better. I used your Face & Neck TheraCream and within a couple of days I started seeing results. Here are the before and after pictures that I took of my daughter. I will recommend your product to my friends and family!!

Thank you,Samera

Severe Baby Chest Eczema After
Severe Baby Chest Eczema Before

Hi Nanette,

I was referred to you by a close friend because my 9 month old baby suffered from severe eczema on his chest. It was horrible as he was up all night crying and trying to scratch at it! I used your FACE & BODY WASH and the HAND & BODY THERACREAM and wow...it worked so fast! At first usage, his itching stopped almost immediately and the redness an inflammation began to leave as did his rash. He is a happy baby once again....thank you! Mercedes, Florida

Severe Baby Facial Rash After
Severe Baby Facial Rash Before

My daughter was about 7 weeks old when her facial rash really got severe. Doctors recommended everything from hydrocortizone to Aquaphor (The Aquaphor made it worse, and I didn't try the steroids...). The Theracream from Aim 2 Health began to improve the skin's appearance in only 2 days! So glad to find a solution! It's crazy how little interest my doctor showed when I presented the miracle cream at her checkup! I figured he'd want to write that name down! The medical professionals I spoke with all act like skin ailments are a mystery to be endured....I am glad I found a solution on my own!!!! I will continue using the cream forever if I have to! It has also worked wonders on my calloused feet! I like the Face and neck cream and the way it makes my skin feel, too! Thank You! Shawna M., USA

Letter to Nanette:

When I brought my baby to you, I couldn't find anything on the market that he didn't seem to have an allergic reaction to. I really was frantic as most nights he would be up crying from the itching and chafing all over his body. What you recommended for him worked so fast in repairing his skin and scalp he now sleeps through the night and so do I. What a relief! Thank you so much. Gratefully, M.P., Chicago,IL

Dear Nanette,

My 7 month old son was suffering with really bad cradle cap. We had tried T-Gel and Selsun Blue as well as massaging his scalp with oil but to no avail. Your Double Strength TheraCream and Herbal Shampoo Treatment worked so fast and so well to rid him of that horrible cradle cap! We have the Hand & Body TheraCream and that has been working really great on his body. Thank you for your time, information, and of course, fantastic products! Anna Greene, NC

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