The Right Body Wash
Can Add Moisture To Your Skin

Adding moisture to your skin with a body wash? Absolutely! I see many types of dry, irritated skin conditions resulting from using mass produced "commercial soap".

A Moisturizing Wash Should Be Gentle

My customers ask me, "What type of body cleanser should I use that won't dry my skin?"

I tell them that, first, a natural wash should NOT contain any synthetic fragrances, colorants, parabens and preservatives.

You see, most skin sensitivities are aggravated by the synthetic ingredients in soaps. A skin sensitivity may not show up right away but know that the body has a "threshold" to how long it can withstand damaging ingredients and once reached, there can be a reaction.

Many people who have had trouble with dermatologist recommended soap or "sensitive skin" soap have found themselves in a continual search for just the "right" product.

This is because even doctor recommended sensitive skin soaps contain many unnecessary chemicals. Most of the soaps on the market have a pH value of 9-10 which is way too high for the skin and can cause the skin to dry out or result in a rash or other types of break outs as well as irritate already existing skin conditions.

Add to this, wet soap bars that sit by your sink or tub often become magnets for germs that fester and multiply. When these come in contact with open or split skin, infections can occur included the more serious, blood poisoning.

The Type of Body Wash I Recommend

That's why I recommend only a non-soap cleanser You see, the natural acidity of adult skin is around 5 pH to 6 pH. Our specially formulated Face & Body Wash has a soothing and restorative pH of 5.5 to 6.0. It also contains dynamic anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-fungus properties to prevent and control potential skin infection.

The best cleanser should be plant based with all the ingredients that your skin may need, makes a cleanser that is just right for all skin types, conditions and ages.

Vitamin-derived antioxidants from plant sourced ingredients not only make the best ingredients for your "inside", but for your "outside" as well as it nourishes and enhances skin function.

One of the necessary ingredients should be urea . This is a “humectant” that actually binds water 7 layers deep below the surface of the epidermis, right down to the stratus corneum, which is the skin building layer. This allows your sensitive skin to unpack dry cells and repair from “the bottom up”.

Natural Is Best

Other important ingredients that should be included are sea kelp, vitamins A, C and E, herbal extracts such as Chamomile, Calendula, Comfry, Grapeseed Extract.

Natural ingredients like these not only cleanse but begin to add much needed moisturize for healthier and more vital skin all over.

A bottled "non-soap" wash means your cleanser stays sterile and away from airborne particles and germs in between washes unlike a bar of soap that can fester germs.

Remember, you will see a significant difference in the reaction and response of your skin as you apply health promoting and restorative ingredients.

So my recommendation,........keep it natural and start moisturizing your skin with the proper body wash even before you begin applying your moisturizer!!

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Letter to Nanette:

When my family and I would get out from our shower and dry off, we would begin scratching our skin from head to toe. No matter what we used!! Then we tried your recommendation and used the Face & Body Wash and our skin actually feels moisturized when we get out of our shower...many thanks! G.J., Nashville, TN

Hi, I just used your Face & Body Wash in the shower to shave. I never had such a smooth shave and my skin is so soft! I am 56 years old and have skin that feels like I'm in my 20's!!! Do you make or are you thinking about making any kind of personal wipes? I have Lichen Sclerosis on my private part and have to be careful what I use. I am so glad your wash did not bother it at all. You have no idea how many products I have tried in the last 15 years!

Thank you so much for your wonderful products and Seasons Greetings!

Warmest Regards, P.H., USA

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