Burning Scalp with Hair Loss - Female in mid 40's

by Fatjan

In the past 3 years, I've lost over 50% of my hair. The hair loss is from all over, and in the past year, I've begun to experience a constant burning sensation in the scalp, particularly in areas where there are now baldness. My scalp is not itchy, there is very little to no flakes, but the burning is there and can be quite severe to the point where it is difficult to touch my hair or to even lie down on it to go to sleep. I don't have to do anything, the burning and tenderness is with me every day. The pain is constant. I go to bed with the pain and wake up with the pain. The only relief I get is from putting Ice packs on my head or applying fresh aloe-vera gel directly to my scalp, but, once they are gone, the burning returns.

My Dermatologist prescribed shampoos to treat psoriasis, but, his shampoos makes my scalp a lot more tender and the severity of the burning worse. He also recommended a hair supplement, ANACAPS which I took for 9 months but it never helped. I continue to experience a lot of hair loss everyday. Handfuls of it come out on their own, more from combing and while washing. I use a mild shampoo with aloe vera in it that I got from the health store which helps to keep my scalp flake free but the burning and hair fall continues just the same.

The texture of my hair has gradually changed too. It has become dull and lifeless and tangles easily. Also, where there is baldness, there is no re-growth. I used to cut the ends of my hair once a month, but now, after I cut it, it remains at the same length. I've been wearing my hair with comb over styles to hide the balding areas and I've been getting negative comments and strange stares from people.

None of the women in my family have this problem. I do not drink, smoke, and I don't take any medication. I eat a well balanced diet. I do not drink coffee, sodas or sweetened drinks. I drink mainly water and home made fruit smoothies. Please help.

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Response to: Burning Scalp with Hair Loss - Female in mid 40's
by: Nanette from Skin-Remedies.com

Hello Fatjan,

It certainly can be frustrating as well as devastating to experience hair loss and the challenge of a burning scalp. There are so many similar cases such as yours and many people seeking natural remedies to help their scalp situation. From what it sounds like, you may be experiencing an internal malfunction of some type that only a medical doctor can diagnose for you by way of complete and thorough evaluation and testing. But aside from that there is much you can do topically to assist the health and well being of your scalp. So many products on the market are loaded with toxic chemicals and harsh irritants that put the scalp at risk of hair loss, flaking and itching. I would recommend first applying our Double Strength TheraCream to the scalp area and leaving it on over night. Then follow this in the morning with washing with our Herbal Shampoo Treatment. Both of these products have the proper pH and will soothe and add much needed moisture to the scalp and help bring it back to a more balanced state.

Please keep me posted on your progress Fatjan.

Warm Regards,

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