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Did you know that nearly all people experience dandruff at one point in their lives regardless of age or ethnicity. I will share with you how to get relief from this very common condition and what the best scalp treatment for dandruff is.

Dandruff affects not just the scalp, but also the ears, eyebrows, sides of the nose, beard, and less commonly the central (often hair-bearing) part of the chest. Other names are seborrheic dermatitis or seborrhea.  I have seen this condition in all ages from babies to the elderly. In infancy it is commonly known as "cradle cap." In the teen years it has been called "druff" for short.

White Flakes On Your Shoulders Can Be Embarrassing

Some people are simply more prone, and others experience periodic clearing cycles and periodic flare-ups of the condition. This condition typically looks like dry, yellow to whitish flaky skin on the scalp with areas of pink or red inflamed skin.

Many individuals have no scalp symptoms but simply complain of "white flakes" on their shoulders, particularly noticeable on dark clothing. More advanced cases of dandruff may cause intense itching, burning, and unstoppable scratching. Some people are more prone to dandruff, and this condition tends to be a chronic or recurrent disorder with periodic ups and downs. Severe symptoms may prove to be a very difficult, resistant and frustrating condition for the many people who suffer with it.

Dandruff may also be triggered or worsened by the following:

**Increased oil production

**Oily skin

**Oily scalp


**Poor hygiene

**Weather (hot and humid or cold and dry)

**Infrequent washing or shampooing

**Concurrent yeast, bacteria or fungal skin infections or over growths

**Poor immune system

**Chronic illness

**Emotional or mental stress

**Chemicals in hair products

Very Common Dandruff Question

A very common yet emphatic question is, "What can I do to treat this condition?"

First, you should know that most of the commercial products that millions of people buy everyday, have a drastically higher pH than the pH of a healthy scalp.  These harsh shampoos come in at a pH of around 8 which is devastating to your scalp and hair.  It is believed that most scalp conditions such as dandruff, flaking scalp, itching scalp, scalp psoriasis and scalp eczema are caused by a fungus that grows on the scalp. Normally this fungus is kept in check as long as the proper pH of the scalp is maintained in a range of between 4.5 and 5.5.   So when your scalp's pH is disturbed or destroyed, that's when serious problems can erupt.

I believe in using only naturally made products made with herbal ingredients. I have seen time and time again that using an effective shampoo is critically important.

Three highly effective ingredients in an herbal shampoo should include tea tree oil, shea butter and urea . These three ingredients provide a powerful formula to relieving dry scalp symptoms. Here's why:

Tea Tree Oil: Tea Tree Oil has been used for many, many years by people around the world for its' extraordinary medicinal and anti-fungal qualities. It has a very helpful restorative effect on skin infections and scalp disorders of every kind.

Shea Butter: This thick, rich butter has a soothing, moisturizing and protecting effect. Shea butter also helps cell regeneration and capillary circulation.

Urea: Has been medically proven in various clinical studies to have superior anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties that helps promote fast healing of dry, cracked, split skin, eczema, psoriasis, rashes, acne as well as dry, itchy, flaky scalp as well as adding much needed moisture.

A Dandruff Shampoo Needs To Be Gentle

Remember: A natural shampoo doesn't disturb the natural PH of the hair & scalp like most commercial shampoos do. It soothes and hydrates the scalp for long lasting relief and health.

It should be so gentle and mild that it can even be used on babies and small children who are experiencing prolonged cradle cap symptoms or are experiencing a constant itchy scalp.

A natural shampoo would be safe for the whole family. For those experiencing very severe symptoms, or what is commonly known as an "extreme condition," you can follow these recommendations:

For Severe Conditions: If you are experiencing severe symptoms with white or yellow flaky patches or red dot like patches then follow this routine: At night before bedtime, rub a specially formulated therapeutic double strength cream into the parts of the scalp affected with the patches. A double strength formula penetrates the thicker skin of the scalp deeper and faster. Allow to absorb overnight into the 7 layers of scalp tissue and wash hair in the morning with the proper shampoo. Repeat as necessary until the problem is gone.

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Letter to Nanette:

I've had severe dandruff on my scalp for years which lead to red irritated skin on my hairline and I have always alternated between, tar shampoo, Nizoral or just Head and Shoulders as my body seemed to adapt to them. Lately none of these have been working so I would always be so flaky and I would be embarrassed to go out. I purchased the Herbal Shampoo Treatment with tea tree oil and the Double Strength TheraCream for my scalp and today I have no flakes on my shirt at all. I am so pleased and so amazed at how quickly these products worked! Ken Moore, Spartanburg, SC

Dandruff After
Dandruff Before

Hello Nanette,

Last year I started to develop the worst case of dandruff in my life!! I tried shampoo after shampoo and NOTHING HELPED! I even started to lose my hair and that's when I had had just about enough! I came to you and you told me to use the Double Strength TheraCream at night and the shampoo whenever I washed my hair. I can't even begin to tell you the difference these made to my scalp and hair almost immediately! In 2 weeks all of the scales were gone and my scalp restored.....thank you, thank you, thank you! K.P., Australia

Hair Loss After
Hair Loss Before

My problem was dry scalp & hair loss. I used your products and took before and after pictures. I hope this helps others to see what your products can do!

Many Thanks!

Letter to Nanette:

I am sending this email to tell you that I have been using DOUBLE STRENGTH THERACREAM on my husband's scalp, he has dry red patches where he is bald on the front and top of his scalp. He also uses my HERBAL SHAMPOO TREATMENT every day. I have been massaging the cream in nearly every night to see if it could help with the dry red patches; not only has it helped but most amazingly he is growing hair on top!! All he had left on top was a tuft of hair in the front and quite thick hair around the sides and back. We are absolutely thrilled with it! It was so unexpected. He keeps going to the mirror to check it out. I think he's scared it is all in his imagination but I can assure you and him it is not. We'll keep on applying it to fill in his scalp!

Just thought you may like to hear this testimonial. Thank you heaps and I look forward to filling you in on his progress.

Kind regards, Helen B., UK

I have dermatitis on my scalp and from time to time it gets very itchy. I have tried prescription drugs and over the counter products, shampoo, scalpcian, and several other products and always end up with reoccurring itch. I tried your Herbal Shampoo Treatment and now I do not want to be without it! The flakes stopped within three days…..thanks for coming up with such a great product…next I will try the face cream….Sincerely, Beverly D., USA

Hi Nanette!

As a mom, I can't tell you how much it means to me to have found natural products that work! I have a 13 year old daughter that had an extremely dry scalp to the extent that the first and second layers of the skin were peeling off. She used to just try so hard to cover it with her long hair. It started like cradle cap and just kept getting worse after that. I followed your advice and used the shampoo and cream and now I have a happy daughter and I'm a very happy mom! Many thanks!! Marie Sanders, FL

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