Dermatitis Relief
For The Entire Family

Dermatitis, also referred to as eczema, is an inflammation of the skin that can attack any member of your family.  Proper care of this condition is very important.

When it comes to our loved ones, know that anyone of any age can contract this disease. Causes range from direct contact with an irritating substance to contracting an allergic reaction affecting the bloodstream. 

Rashes and itchy skin need natural and soothing care

The #1 question frequently asked is, "How can I avoid this condition?" Unfortunately, since a wide variety of substances can cause dermatitis, it is nearly impossible to isolate one specific list.

However, since contact dermatitis is an acute or chronic inflammation of the skin resulting from contact with a synthetic chemical, biologic or physical agent, the following is a common and general listing of some causes:

* laundry detergents, certain foods, nickel and some other metals, cleaning solutions, chemicals, latex rubber, allergies to plants, harsh soaps and shampoos, certain drugs, vitamin or mineral deficiencies, certain physical disorders as well as stress, cosmetics, perfumes (fragrance) *

Children, babies and adults alike can experience symptoms of itchy rash like skin. Statistically, 25 to 35% of all dermatitis cases affect the hands of which 75% are school or work-related cases.

Allergic contact dermatitis of the hands is very common among certain occupations. This includes health-care professionals, hairdressers and cosmetologists, woodworkers, machinists, and chemical workers and those who work with paper.

The second most common sites are the face and eyelids, often due to a reaction to a cosmetic, soap or other personal care product. Inflammation may also show up on other areas of the body such as arms, legs, torso and neck.

Signs and Symptoms To Watch For Include:

• Itching • Red bumps • Blisters • Crusts • Swelling • Oozing • Scaliness • Dry skin with scales or bumps • Skin creases on the palms

Different Forms of Dermatitis (D.)

I tell people that there are different forms of this condition they should know about:

Irritant Contact D. occurs as a direct reaction of the skin when it is exposed to a chemical or physical substance.

Seborrheic D. occurs as red, peeling, oily skin eruptions mainly on the scalp, nasolabial creases, eyebrows, ears, chest and flexural body areas.

Herpetiformis, is a very itchy and blistering skin disease caused by an auto-immune response to an antibody.

Cercarial  D. (swimmer's itch) is an itchy inflammatory sensitivity to parasites that enter the skin by way of infected water in ponds, lakes or other water bodies.

Infantile Eczema when atopic dermatitis occurs in infants, it's called infantile eczema and often involves an oozing, crusting rash, mainly on the face and scalp, but it can occur anywhere.

After infancy, the rash becomes dryer and tends to be red to brown-gray in color. This condition begins in infancy and may continue into childhood and adolescence. In adolescence, the skin may be scaly or thickened and easily irritated and the intense itching may continue.

Atopic or Allergic D. caused by hereditary and environmental factors which include air-borne allergens, emotional stress, hormones, certain foods, and chemical irritants.

Perioral D.   affects the area around the mouth but can sometimes include the borders of the lines from the nose, to the sides of the lips, and the chin. this condition produces redness with red bumps, pus bumps, itching, burning and peeling

Atopic dermatitis often occurs along with allergies and frequently runs in families in which other family members have asthma or hay fever.

Points To Consider For Dermatitis

I often recommend that other things you can do include the following:

1) Because laundry soaps can irritate your skin, run your clothes through two rinse cycles and try using a milder laundry soap.

2) Wear gloves when you work with cleaning products that might irritate your skin.

3) Wash your sheets often in hot water to get rid of dust mites. Use dust-proof covers on pillows, box springs and mattresses.

4) Wear loose clothes made of cotton and other natural materials that "breathe." Wash new clothing before wearing it.

Dermatitis Skin Care

I strongly advise that skin care is very important for your treatment!

**Shower in warm water instead of hot water only once a day for less than 10 minutes. A baby or small child may have a short bath.

**Wash with a mild "non-soap" cleanser that contains herbal ingredients that are enriching and hypo-allergenic.

Ingredients that are plant based, make a cleanser that is just right for all skin types, conditions and ages.

Vitamin-derived antioxidants from plant sourced ingredients not only make the best ingredients for your "inside", but for your "outside" as well.

**Pat your skin dry with a soft towel.

**Moisturizers are extremely important and work well to treat dry skin. Choose the right formulated body creams for where your outbreak or inflammation exists.

Some people experience symptoms on their torso area while others have it on thicker skinned areas such as knees, elbows and feet. Still others may have symptoms on their face and neck area. (Since "natural" is best, learn why hydrocortisone cream can be harmful.)

The cream you apply should be plant based, contain shea butter , stop itching, fight possible infection, and repair skin 7 layers deep and be hypo-allergenic.

Remember, the best moisturizers are also the thickest and provide a very rich emollient level. You may need to use it several times a day.

In conclusion, my strong recommendation is apply natural, plant based products specially formulated for your skin problems.

Our Products

Dry Cracked Hands After
Dry Cracked Hands Before

Letter to Nanette:    My wife is an RN in the local Hospital. Due to the extreme number of times per shift she has to wash her hands, her skin becomes extremely dry, and cracks open at the slightest motion. She has tried everything from A to Z to get some relief. She even consulted the dermatologist at the hospital, to no avail.   But a real motivator is when your wife stands at the kitchen sink crying as she peels potatoes for dinner. That was too much for me. I got busy on line to learn what causes dry skin and then searched for things that might offer relief.  Nearly everything on the market either has petroleum products, or simply doesn't work. Then I found your recommended products. Within two days my wife was seeing relief. Within the week, her cracked skin healed, and the dryness had disappeared. She now has skin so soft, I actually enjoy her touch once more - what a blessing! Yours truly, A.S., Butler, PA

Contact Dermatitis On Hands Before & After

Hello!  I'm a nurse at a children's hospital in the ER and wash my hands all the time. Last winter, I started developing contact dermatitis. It got worse and worse and no products that I was using worked. I found out about your products from my aunt and bought the double theracream. It's amazing! I've started breaking out again (I had run out of the cream), ordered more and after only four days my hand already looks better.  All the best,  Katie Farrell

Extreme Leg Rash After
Extreme Leg Rash Before

Letter to Nanette:

Many, many thanks for your creams...the photos show how much my legs have improved after only 5 days! I have no more burning from the inside out....I'm so much happier! I am a natural therapist in New Zealand and am extremely sensitive to so many things and I have many allergies and struggled all my life with health issues - often being hospitalized. With this recent skin rash I was to the point of agony....I sought help from my doctor but he has no understanding of my sensitivity so I've suffered and tried to see a specialist and they deemed my condition not urgent enough to warrant "specialist" help...really!!!! I am so very impressed with your creams and supplements and wondering if there is anyway I could be involved in bringing them to New Zealand...I'd love to be able to offer them to my clients in my clinic...many thanks!! Megan R., New Zealand

Severe Baby Facial Rash Before & After

3 weeks ago I couldn't even bring my brand new baby girl outside without her having an itchy and painful severe allergic reaction. The doctors didn't know what it was so they told me to put hydrocortisone on her face every day. Put a Steroid on my NEW baby's face EVERY time we go outside! Absolutely NOT!!  I researched for 48 hrs straight til I found a natural wash, the All Over Face & Body Wash and cream called Face & Neck TheraCream that had worked miracles for other people with similar reactions. I ordered both and after 3 uses we have been outside all day every day for 3 days straight with NO reaction.  These products worked after one use.......after ONE use I could bring her out without a reaction when previously her face would blister from being outside for not even five minutes. Aim 2 Health LLC ..... and their websites.....Skin-Remedies.com and Aim2Health.com.... Thank YOU! Not one bump or blister, she has perfect skin when we go outside now.  I will continue to purchase!   Thank you so much!!! Tonya Hayes, NH

Baby Perioral Rash After
Baby Perioral Rash Before

Hi my name is Natalie and I ordered your product about 3 weeks ago. My son Gabriel who's only 15 months got this rash around his mouth and I thought it was from drooling, but the doctor said it was some type of dermatitis. He prescribed a hydrocortisone cream which made it worse! Then I found the Skin Remedies website and ordered the product immediately! Three weeks later my son's rash is almost gone! Thank you Aim to Health for your amazing product! Natalie Goffinet, USA

My mother has been using your Double Strength TheraCream and Face & Body Wash solution for over a month now, and her symptoms have improved greatly. (She has a form of dermatitis that was originally diagnosed as lichen planus.) Her ankle no longer itches and the skin appears much healthier. (This is after nearly a year of suffering, with nothing but hydrocortisone prescribed by her dermatologist.) Thanks so much for your excellent products, Nanette. We're very grateful. D.W., CT.

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