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........And Keep Baby's Skin Healthy!

Millions of babies suffer various degrees of diaper rash daily! I have seen many rashes and I can tell you, "You can bring your baby relief fast." Many times moms will ask, "What causes diaper rash and what are the signs and symptoms of diaper irritation?" The following are the most common:

Red, Burning Rash Makes Baby Miserable

Friction Rash - most common where friction is pronounced, such as the inner thighs, or under the elastic of diapers that are too tight.

Irritant Rash - prominent on exposed areas, such as the buttocks. The result of contact with stool enzymes or irritants such as harsh soaps, baby wipes, detergents, or topical medicines. Products that contain mineral oil can actually suffocate baby's skin.

Urinary Wetness - increases skin friction and raises the skin PH which then causes the outermost layer of skin to become unbalanced. With this protective layer disturbed, it is easy for micro-organisms such as yeast or bacteria to invade baby's inflamed skin.

Eczema or Allergic Rash - more common on visible areas, the skin may look like it’s been exposed to poison ivy in reaction to chemicals in certain lotions, soaps or powders.

Heat Rash - in weather that is hot or humid, the infant sweats, but the blockage of sweat glands produces little red bumps or small blisters.

Prickly Heat - causes rash or blotches during hot weather or in a hot environment (the same as heat rash).

Seborrhea Rash - a salmon-colored, greasy rash with yellowish scales that is also worse in the skin folds, usually a reaction to a skin irritant or synthetic ingredient.

Psoriasis - diaper rash accompanied by other signs of psoriasis such as dark red areas with sharp borders and fine silvery scales on the trunk, face, or scalp.

Moms are often astonished that the products they so lovingly use on their baby are actually hurting them. I tell them to look at all the myriad of baby care products out on the market today, then, look at the ingredients!

Most of baby's skin sensitivities are aggravated by the synthetic ingredients in baby care products such as lotions, powders and soaps including doctor recommended ones. Add to this this the lack of breathable materials in today's disposable diapers.

A recent report in Clinical Pediatrics revealed that more than 75 percent of newborns (babies under 1 year) suffer rashes within the first few months of birth, and researchers suspect that contributing factors include the very products that promise to soften, clean, and moisturize children's skin adding that newborn skin is relatively more permeable to topically applied agents than adult skin.

My 2 Step Recommendation For Diaper Rash

Happy Baby With No Diaper Rash

Moms want to know, "What is the best diaper rash solution?" My recommendation is a 2 step plan that is fast and effective:

Step 1) Use a "non-soap" cleaner that is hypo-allergenic and contains only herbal ingredients that are organically grown. Ingredients that are plant based, make a cleanser that is just right for infants, babies and toddlers.

This type of gentle and pure wash should also contain vitamins A, C and E, herbal extracts such as Chamomile, Calendula, and Comfrey.

Remember, what you don't want are synthetic fragrances, colorants, parabens or preservatives.

Step 2) Apply a thick and rich natural diaper rash cream that will repair the skin and provide a layer of protection that is crucial to proper skin repair. A MUST is that it also STOPS any itching while it's working and is hypo-allergenic!

Using a plant based cream filled with vital reparative nutrients as well containing shea butter which acts as a natural occlusive protecting baby's skin from bacteria and acidity is vital.

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Letter to Nanette:   After my baby was born, her diapers chafed and irritated the sensitive skin on her inner thighs. I used what you recommended on her, and the redness went away within a day. I refuse to use any of the other baby lotions on her skin because this one is so gentle, it’s unscented, and it just works so well. J.S., Huntley,IL

Hi There!   My 3 month old son had very bad diaper rash for weeks and nothing I tried helped him. It was very frustrating and many times the rash would keep him (and me!) up all night. When I started to use the Hand & Body TheraCream it began to soothe his bottom right away. Within days his rash was gone and was I ever relieved! My baby and I are thrilled! Sharon P., MN

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