A DMAE Supplement
Adds Healthy Years To Skin!

A DMAE supplement can produce wonderful results for your skin! I will share with you how this powerful supplement can add healthy years to your skin. DMAE (short for dimethylaminoethanol), is a naturally occurring substance that protects the integrity of cell membranes. This is critically important because without this valuable DMAE supplement, the deterioration of cell membranes can lead to susceptability to dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis as well as premature aging skin and wrinkles . DMAE is a potent, site-specific free radical scavenger. It has demonstrated antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that make it an ideal skin care supplement as well as ingredient for topical use.

Antioxidants protect the cell structures from free radical damage, slowing the aging process and preventing the formation of lines and wrinkles. Anti-inflammatory agents soothe skin problems, keeping it healthy and radiant. Daily intake of DMAE has also been reported to reduce the appearance of age spots. When the brown cellular pigment, lipofuscin, begins to accumulate in cells, age spots appear.

Actually, age spots, or “liver spots,” will respond effectively to DMAE in capsule or cream form. Studies have shown that DMAE’s membrane-stabilizing properties reduced the accumulation of lipofuscin deposits inside cells. Lipofuscin, a brownish cellular pigment consisting of aggregated chunks of molecular waste formed by the inefficient metabolism of fatty acids, tends to occur in the cells of older people and is primarily responsible for age spots. DMAE has been shown to flush excess lipofuscin from affected skin cells.

Treatment for sagging skin has become a multibillion-dollar industry, as growing numbers of older adults undergo expensive (and often recurrent) invasive surgical procedures. Using a DMAE supplement can greatly help existing facial sagging, and reduce its further progression. Some people report a cumulative effect with continued use of this compound.

Recent studies have demonstrated that DMAE supplementation as well as additionally applying DMAE cream can effectively produce these astounding results. An inexpensive way to obtain DMAE cream is by simply openning up a gel capsule and releasing the powder into the cream and mix well.

In one study, a group of patients applied a 3% DMAE-enriched cream on one cheek and a control cream lacking DMAE on the other cheek. Forty-five minutes after topical application of the two treatments, researchers measured both skin firmness and hydration. The DMAE cream not only improved hydration of the skin, but improved skin tone as well.

The 3% DMAE solution significantly increased tensile strength of the skin suggesting that topical application of DMAE firms skin and reduces facial sag. A different study using a 3% DMAE gel reported similar improvement in skin firmness and added that after 16 weeks, DMAE reduced the appearance of lines and wrinkles and improved lip shape and fullness.

Hi Nanette:

I have been using the DMAE for 2 months now and wanted to tell you how much I feel it has helped my appearance and given my self esteem a boost as well. I'm a salesman and need to meet people on a continuous basis so it is important for me to look my best. I am 54 years old and thought I should start adding a supplement to my daily intake to help me gain a more youthful appearance. I feel like I am on my way with the DMAE....love it. Thanks, Mark K., Alabama


Just wanted you to know that I am grateful for this DMAE supplement and taking it now for 1 and 1/2 months. I'm a smoker, have been for 32 years, and my overall skin looks papery and wrinkled. I am trying to stop this bad habit but in the meantime, I am taking this supplement to help my skin health. Yours truly, Martha Trenton, Wisconsin

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