Taking Care Of
Cracked, Dry Feet

"Dry feet" syndrome is a very common and potentially painful condition. I have seen many people suffer from cracked heels, itchy and dry feet. Believe me, it can make even the simple act of walking, very painful.

250,000 Sweat Glands On The Bottom Of The Feet

Let me explain that the soles of your feet have a tremendous number of sweat glands.  In fact there are 250,000 sweat glands on the bottom of a pair of feet.   Imagine that!!

These sweat glands are producing micro-droplets of sweat that quickly evaporate and remove heat from the body.  The problem arises when our feet are regularly wrapped up in both shoes and socks, which of course, is necessary.  However, the sweat and heat get trapped making the feet a breeding ground for bacteria and microbes and possibly leading to infection, as well as dry, cracked and inflamed skin on your feet.

Feet that become cracked and dry can affect your daily activity

These skin problems dealing with the feet may appear at any age. Whether from enclosed shoes,  work, the environment or a physical condition such as psoriasis, eczema, diabetes, or dermatitis , the skin on your feet need great care.   Unfortunately, they tend to be the most neglected area on the body.

The following is a short list of some very common concerns that I have seen:

Calluses: are hard, thickened areas of skin which form on the bottom of the foot and can also be found on the toes. Over time, walking straight becomes a problem.

Dry Skin: skin on your feet can sometimes become dry and cracked, particularly on the soles where the most pressure is put. In time, this can lead to chronic scaling and itching. Constant splitting in between the toes can become quite painful.

Infections: good hygiene is important to prevent dry feet and infection. People with diabetes are prone to foot infections from poor circulation and a loss of feeling.

Itchy Feet: severe dryness can lead to itchy red skin on the feet. Constant scratching can make the skin split and peel.

Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis: these are conditions that many times appear on the feet. Compound the scaly, itchy symptoms with bacteria growth and sweat and the problem worsens.

Athlete's Foot: is a parasitic fungal infection of the epidermis of the foot that produces scaling, flaking, itching, blisters and cracked skin over the affected areas. . The term "athlete's foot" refers to the disease and not the micro-organism or fungus that causes it.

Bunions or Hammertoe: are boney conditions can cause constant rubbing inside your shoe and result in irritated skin and subsequently, dry feet.

Nail Fungus: these infections usually develop on nails continually exposed to warm, moist environments, such as sweaty shoes or shower floors and can irritate surrounding skin.

Never File Down Dry Skin

Scratching and rubbing can lead to further complications. Certainly, never try to "file down" hardened skin or calluses on your dry feet with a pumice stone since pumice is porous and can harbor harmful bacteria.

A daily foot care program should be designed to help you prevent dry feet as well as provide proper care for already occurring problems.

Preventative Measures That Produce Great Results For Dry Feet

Here are some preventative measures I have recommended and that produce excellent results:

1) Check Your Feet - check feet every day for blisters, cuts scratches and nail problems.

2) Hygiene- wash your feet daily using lukewarm water with mild, "non-soap" anti-bacterial cleanser . By reducing the bacteria count, you will minimize the risk of infection. Remember, bacteria can instigate a number of irritating and often debilitating problems so don't skimp on this one.

3) Proper Environment- always dry your feet thoroughly, especially between your toes. This is important to prevent development of breaks in the skin as this can lead to fungal infection.

4) Moisturize - Moisturize - Moisturize! - use a highly therapeutic cream designed to replenish much needed moisture to dry feet that have cracked and flaky skin. This cream should penetrate 7 layers deep and apply it without skipping even a day! Your feet work hard and they need daily attention.

The best foot cream should contain vitamins, plant extracts, shea butter and urea to repair and hydrate problem dry feet quickly and stop the itching associated with fungus infection, psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis. A cream that also carries with it anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties is CRITICAL.

And NEVER use anything on your dry feet that contains the ingredient MINERAL OIL since this a by product of making gasoline from petroleum....imagine that!! Add to this the fact that the molecules of the mineral oil are too large to even pass the pores of the skin and will only sit on top of your skin "sealing in" the germs and suffocating your already thirsty skin.

Healthy Feet

To summarize the routine I recommend for people who have dry cracked feet:

A Simple 2 Step Program For Problem Dry Feet:

This daily foot care program is designed to help you prevent and repair foot problems and take proper care of your feet.

1) First, use a non-soap anti-bacterial cleanser as your ONLY foot cleanser to cleanse away skin bacteria. When your feet are clean you will do much to keep harmful germs that cause infections and odors away! And don't forget to dry feet carefully.

2) Then apply a therapeutic cream that is also anti-bacterial, thoroughly rubbing into the soles and heels, particularly areas of thick or rough skin to restore and protect them. Do this EVERYDAY! Your feet deserve it and need it to stay healthy and to keep your skin moist and problem free!

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Dry Cracked Feet After
Dry Cracked Feet Before

Hi Nanette,

Here are my husband's pictures.....the pictures speak for themselves!! My husband usually can take better pictures but he did not have his camera available (only his cell) the day he needed to take the picture and he urgently needed to use your Double Strength TheraCream. As you can see, the change is stunning....thank you so much!! Janine I., Puerto Rico

Letter to Nanette:   I have diabetes and I am on my feet constantly at work. Due to my condition and standing all the time, the skin on my feet and heels would dry and crack so extensively that, at times I would get sores that were gaping and seeping and would never heal. I was constantly in fear of getting an infection that I'm ashamed to say it but I would tape the skin together before going to work in the morning. I tried the wash and cream you recommended for diabetes foot conditions and I am so thankful with the results. My skin is healthy again and I've thrown away the tape! B.T., Newark, N.J.

My dry feet and heels were so badly cracked I had a hard time fitting into anything other than loose sandals or over sized sneakers! Nothing I tried could remove all the packed on dead cells. It hurt just to walk and quite embarrassing to boot. I called you up to find out what I could do and I started right away without another moment's delay. I was totally amazed that in a week's time my heels were so smooth I had forgotten what they looked like! Thank you again and again.....you are a life saver! Jackie P., Indiana

Itchy Feet After
Dry Cracked Feet Before

Hello Nanette:

For years my feet would itch like crazy and I just learned to live with it. Then, I started to develop dry patches all over my feet and these would not only itch, but split open and bleed. I found it almost impossible to put shoes on and go to work. That's when I met with you and immediately began following your recommendations. I was shocked at how fast these products worked and thankful too!! Within a weeks time I was back in my shoes with restored skin on my feet. God bless you! Mark S., Pensacola, FL

Dear Nanette,

Your products DO work and I have seen the difference that your Double Strength TheraCream product has had on my whole body. I have never been able to comfortably wear open toed/backed sandals and shoes because my legs and heels and feet would be ashy even within an hour or so after a professional pedicure. My husband even commented how soft my skin was which he has never had the opportunity to do because it was always quite dry and somewhat scaly feeling. I have even been using it on my one year old because she had some scaly patches on her side, which have disappeared!! My heels were pretty bad and so I was desperate to find something that would work. I had cracks in my heel but they were getting worse and although it wasn't painful, I knew it wouldn't be long before I started having issues if I didn't do something. The cracks are healing and I can wear open back shoes and shorts because my legs and heels aren't ashy. I noticed the difference in the feel of my skin on Day 1; it was amazing!! Thank you for developing this product. Next time, I'll tell you about how the lip balm and the shampoo has helped my lips and scalp! :-D)

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