Do You Know Someone In Need Of Eczema Treatment And Care?

Many people are in a constant search for an effective eczema treatment in the way of natural remedies for eczema in adults - including eczema remedies for face and neck and eczema scalp remedies. This condition can be mild to severe and can occur on the very young (see children's eczema), to very old.

Eczema Needs Natural Ingredients

Many people ask, "What natural remedies for eczema in adults are there ?"

First, know that eczema (also called "atopic dermatitis") is a serious skin disease. Eczema causes dry skin that can itch, get red and crack. Part of the skin might break out in a rash, or the rash might be on the whole body.

In adults, eczema usually develops on the insides of the elbows, the backs of the knees, the hands and the backs of the elbows. In young children, the rash is most often on the face. However, eczema can occur most anywhere.

Eczema is most common in people whose relatives have allergic conditions like asthma or hay fever. Up to 30 percent of children get eczema.

I have answered the question of, "What causes eczema?", dozens of times and the answer is the same. The exact cause of eczema isn't known. However, it may be caused or made worse by these things:

1) Certain foods or beverages can cause an allergic reaction in your body.

2) Emotional stress can cause the face and body to get itchy, red and hot.

3) Heat, high humidity and sweating. These can make the itching worse.

4) Low humidity. During cold weather, the heated air inside homes and other buildings can make skin dry and itchy.

5) Scratchy clothes (like wool) can also irritate the skin.

6) Soaps, laundry detergents and fragrances as well as chemicals in beauty products.


Allergens like pollens, pet hair or dander (dried bits of skin), food, feathers and dust mites.

Eat Healthy

The question is often asked, "What can I do if food causes my eczema?

Eating healthy foods on a regular basis can go a long way in attaining and prolonging the optimum condition and health of our skin. And be sure to drink lots of water. Water helps keep the skin moist and is important in eczema treatment and as part of natural remedies for eczema in adults . Keeping a food journal will help you determine if a particular food is affecting your skin.

The next healthful step in an eczema treatment is to include "green skin nutrition"  in your diet. Countless studies show that increasing the consumption chlorella and spirulina improves conditions of eczema, psoriasis, as well as other types of dry, rough, red and scaly patches of skin experienced by so many.

Diet Is Important

Eczema Treatment Recommendations

I often recommend doing the following:

1) Because laundry soaps can irritate your skin, run your clothes through two rinse cycles and try using a milder laundry soap.

2) Wear gloves when you work with cleaning products that might irritate your skin.

3) Wash your sheets often in hot water to get rid of dust mites. Effective eczema treatment should include using dust-proof covers on pillows, box springs and mattresses.

4) Wear loose clothes made of cotton and other natural materials that "breathe" and wash new clothing before wearing it.

Proper skin care is very important for your eczema treatment and care so don't skimp on this!(Since "natural" is best, learn why hydrocortisone cream can be harmful.)

1) Shower in warm water instead of hot water only once a day for less than 10 minutes.

2) Wash with a specially formulated mild "non-soap" cleanser , that contains only herbal ingredients that are organically grown and hypo-allergenic.

Vitamin-derived antioxidants from plant sourced ingredients not only make the best ingredients for your "inside", but for your "outside" as well.  A pure and gentle cleanser filled with nutrients will be just right for all skin types, conditions and ages and works well for eczema treatment and care.

3) After bathing, gently pat your skin dry with a soft towel.

4) Then moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! This is extremely important for your eczema treatment.

Choose only specially formulated therapeutic body creams that will stop itching, repair skin 7 layers deep , are hypo-allergenic and work well to treat dry skin.

The most effective specially formulated products are plant based, have a very rich emollient level and are loaded with nutrients. They should also be able to handle a range of skin conditions as well as be a part of your eczema treatment.

Remember, the best moisturizers are also the thickest. As your body responds to wholesome foods, your skin will respond quite rapidly to natural remedies.

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Severe Baby Eczema On Torso After
Severe Baby Eczema On Torso Before

We have been battling with my daughters severe eczema for about 2 months. Her skin from chin down would be so inflamed and irritated she would wake up screaming and crying. We tried every lotion and cream on the market as well as hydrocortisone cream. After the steroids discolored and began to thicken her skin we stopped it and began our search for a more natural remedy! Theracream Hand and Body cream has been our salvation! After 2 days of use she was sleeping 3-4 hrs at night and is just an all around happier baby! After a week of use her skin

Happy Baby After Eczema

is rash free and baby smooth again! I am so thankful to have found this product. My husband has also been using this on his face for dermatitis and his skin has cleared fully in 3 days. Much to his dermatologists surprise! We had not seen my daughters smile in two weeks because she was so uncomfortable but now she is all smiles, all the time... Thank you! Whitney, CA

Skin Rash & Eczema On The Nape Of The Neck Before & After

Hi Nanette,  I have had this skin rash or eczema for almost 2 years.... & constant itching made it worse.  I tried a few herbal natural remedies but they did not work.  I also tried milk thistle to cleanse the liver & kidney but they still did not help my eczema.  After searching & searching on the web for more natural remedies, I found your website.  So I ordered your Double Strength TheraCream and your Herbal Shampoo Treatment and I continued to apply the cream 2-3 times per day.  After 15 days my eczema is getting better & the horrible itching is almost  gone. Here are my pictures after 15 days and I am thrilled to say that the back of my neck is healing very nicely.   Thank you so much Nanette for developing healthy alternatives in skin care that actually works.....I appreciate it very much! Warmly, Jinga

Eczema On Child's Arm After
Eczema On Child's Arm Before

Dear Nanette!  Thank you so much for your wonderful products! After using it for about a month, my 2 year old daughter’s eczema cleared up. I’ve attached before and after pictures. The 1st two are after (obviously), the 2nd 2 are before. We had been trying so many different types of eczema treatment for a full year that weren’t working and then we found your products. Thank you so much, again!!! Blessings, Caitlin

Severe Leg Skin Rash After
Severe Leg Skin Rash Before

Letter to Nanette:  Many, many thanks for your creams...the photos show how much my legs have improved after only 5 days! I have no more burning from the inside out....I'm so much happier! I am a natural therapist in New Zealand and am extremely sensitive to so many things and I have many allergies and struggled all my life with health issues - often being hospitalized. With this recent skin rash I was to the point of agony....I sought an eczema treatment from my doctor but he has no understanding of my sensitivity so I've suffered and tried to see a specialist and they deemed my condition not urgent enough to warrant "specialist" help...really!!!! I am so very impressed with your creams and supplements and wondering if there is anyway I could be involved in bringing them to New Zealand...I'd love to be able to offer them to my clients in my clinic...many thanks!! Megan R., New Zealand

Thank you so much!!!  All of your products are amazing!!  I wanted to share with you how quickly your My Daughter's Hand & Body TheraCream worked on my son's facial eczema.  These photos were taken only 5 days apart!  I am amazed how quickly this natural product works.  I have used it on my dry, cracked hands before going to bed and I wake up with smooth, soft skin!  I have never used a product that works so well.  Thank you again! Elisha Flock

Hello There Nanette,  I’ve struggled with a rash that I never had before for a little over a year. The doctor first said it was pityriasis rosea and that it would go away on its own, and it just never did completely. He even biopsied it and the biopsy confirmed (90%) that it was pityriasis. Then, after the new year, I broke out really badly on my upper arms and back and still didn’t clear completely on my chest. I saw a different doctor who thought that it may be some type of an eczema so for my eczema treatment he gave me hydrocortisone but the cortisone still seemed to irritate my skin a bit, So, I researched and found your cream with the urea in it and saw all your testimonials and that encouraged me that I could have my nice skin back again. I then began using the products recommended and not only is my pityriasis rosea gone but the red marks are faded and almost gone as well!! Janet Robinson, Utah

Dear Nanette,   I have two small children that have eczema like myself and so far your recommendation for our eczema care has been the only thing to alleviate our symptoms. It's so much better than the over the counter products offering eczema treatment that I had tried (which actually ended up drying my skin even more) as well as a prescription cream that my dermatologist prescribed which I was afraid was thinning the skin on my legs and causing them to split open. Thank you! B.J., Manhattan, N.Y.

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