Face, scalp, & hair thinning connection?

by Janet

I've had thinning hair at the top of my head for a number of years. I've been told by Penn Dermatology it's female pattern baldness. I've switched to natural hair dye for my grey, natural shampoo & conditioner. Although I do use other, unnatural products. I'm still hoping there's more I can do to stop more hair loss. I haven't had a biopsy; that's a next step.

My scalp is frequently sore in the thinning area. And recently, I've developed a rash where my nose meets my upper lip, that's persisted for at least two weeks. About 20 years ago, I had something similar and went to a dermatologist, who found the rash was due to a scalp condition. She prescribed a medicated shampoo of some sort.

Therefore, I'm now wondering if this rash is scalp related too. It's about a dozen red bumps, which are pink & sore, but not filled. And I'm wondering if this contributes to the bigger issue of hair thinning.

Thoughts or questions?
Thank you!

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Response to: Face, scalp, & hair thinning connection?
by: Nanette with Skin-Remedies.com

Hello Janet,

While some female pattern baldness is common as we get older and our hormone levels begin to change, there is much that can be done to keep your scalp healthy and strong. There are so many "natural" hair products on the market but the truth is unless you scrutinize each and every ingredient and know what their source is, you are most likely still dealing with some type of product toxicity that can be affecting your scalp. Further, medicated shampoos are nothing more than shampoo with an active/drug in it. This can create any number of harmful side effects in and of itself. With natural, female pattern balding there should NOT be any sore areas where it is thinning unless it is much more than simple age progression.

Regarding your perioral rash symptoms, YES, this may very well be related to the scalp issue you are experiencing. This happens quite often where a rash will display itself in multiple ways and areas. Here is what I recommend to my viewers who have had similar experiences: For the scalp I recommend first applying our Double Strength TheraCream on the areas that you are experiencing a rash and soreness. Then wait either a few hours or overnight and wash with our Herbal Shampoo Treatment. For the facial area I recommend first cleansing with our All Over Face & Body Wash followed by an application of our Face & Neck TheraCream twice daily. On an internal level, our Green PowerHouse "Plus" contains such a vast array of vitamins, minerals, probiotics, herbs, enzymes and fiber which greatly support your bodily systems.

Please keep me posted on your progress Janet.

Warm Regards,

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