A Face Wash Must Be
Pure And Gentle!

The face wash you use is just as important as the skin cream you apply. There are far too many types of facial skin problems due to the use of "commercial soaps."

Most washes and soaps are loaded with chemicals and have the wrong pH for the skin

You see, most face washes are nothing more than harsh detergents that hurt your skin. You need the right ingredients for healthy skin. Dry skin, psoriasis, eczema, rosacea and dermatitis conditions necessitate a pure and gentle cleanser.

"Most skin sensitivities are aggravated by the synthetic ingredients in soaps."

Many people who have had trouble with dermatologist recommended soap or "sensitive skin" soap have found themselves in a continual search for just the "right" product.

This is because even doctor recommended sensitive skin soaps contain many unnecessary chemicals. Most of the soaps on the market have a pH value of 9-10 which is way too high for the skin and can cause the skin to dry out or result in a rash or other types of break outs as well as irritate already existing skin conditions.

Most Soaps Are Way Too Harsh For The Skin

Face Wash Recommendations

My customers ask me, "What type of facial cleanser or face wash should I use that won't dry my skin?"

I tell them to use only the best! That means a natural cleanser that is "non-soap" in nature, contains natural ingredients and is hypo-allergenic.

This may be tough to find as most soap bars and shower gels that are commercially produced in mass amounts contain harsh detergents and irritating chemicals. Some even contain harsh tars and steroids.

Still more contain synthetic fragrances, colorants, parabens and preservatives. Many contain lye and other harmful substances including the famed "glycerin soaps".

To produce their transparency, most "glycerin soaps" contain harsh alcohol compounds that dry out and further irritate your skin. Actually, a true glycerin bar, produced naturally and organically, should be cloudy.

A liquid facial cleanser should not only be ultra-mild for the sensitive skin on the face and neck but also provide relief from symptoms of scaling, flaking, itchy dry skin and acne too.

You see, the natural acidity of adult skin is around 5 pH to 6 pH. Our specially formulated Face & Body Wash has a soothing and restorative pH of 5.5 to 6.0. Using the right natural "non-soap" cleanser should unpack dry, damaged cells allowing moisture to penetrate the 7 layers of skin thereby helping your sensitive skin to repair from “the bottom up”.

Further, it should contain only herbal ingredients that are organically grown. You see, vitamin-derived antioxidants from plant sourced ingredients not only make the best ingredients for your "inside", but for your "outside" as well.

A pure and gentle cleanser is just right for all skin types, conditions and ages and would be great for normal skin as well.

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Perioral Dermatitis Before

Dear Nanette,

I have been to many dermatologists, all of who could not help me with the circle of itchy rash and pustules around my mouth. Most of the steroid creams they prescribed to me, made my skin worse. Then, when I stopped using them, my condition would worsen for days! I began using your face wash called FACE & BODY WASH with the FACE & NECK THERACREAM and I was amazed and grateful at how well my skin responded. I am sending you pictures to show you how far along I have come in such a short time. Much gratitude goes out to you. Mrs. Hollander, MI

Letter to Nanette:

I brought my 16 year old son to you and the eczema on his face was so bad that he didn't want to go out anymore. I was desperate for him to get relief and upon your recommendation started him on your facial program. He uses the face wash and applies the face cream every day. These products been our saving grace because now he is eczema free. My heart felt thanks always, T.P., Schaumburg, IL

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