Forehead Outbreaks

by Lin Baker

I am trying to figure out why ever since moving to Arizona, I have a dry, flaky, pimply forehead. I am thinking, food allergy? Then I look at my hair spray, from the healthfood store, and wonder, is this doing it?

I started eating lots of nuts since we tried to give up meat but then resigned and bought organic instead but I still eat the nuts. Maybe too much oil. It will finally clear up but then wake up a few days later and there it is again all crusty, red and angry. There will be small red-rashed areas that itch, have a tiny white cap with redness surrounding them plus they are raised slightly. I thought I might be allergic to peanuts so I have stopped eating them. I eat yogurt every night before bed with half a banana and some cinnamon but I can't imagine that is what is causing this outbreak. I am baffled. I would appreciate any help with this skin problem that you can offer. If you have a product that might help, I am open.

Lin Baker

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Response to: Forehead Outbreaks
by: Nanette from Skin-Remedies.com

Hello Lin,

Something certainly is causing a reaction to your skin in the way of dry, flaky and pimply forehead. Whether this is the result of an allergic reaction to the new foods you are eating can be traced by keeping a food journal and then verifying these results with a doctor who specializes in allergies. You also mentioned your suspicions as to a possible reaction from your hair spray and that is a strong possibility! You see, there is a list of the most prominent harmful ingredients that are contained in many of the hair brands and products on the market (including many in the health food stores unfortunately) that most people use everyday and you can find this list here: https://www.skin-remedies.com/harmful-ingredients.html

To help restore your skin, I would highly recommend first cleansing with our All Over Face & Body Wash followed by an application of our Face & Neck TheraCream twice daily. These products contain many health building ingredients that help to soothe the skin and restore much needed moisture and bring back a natural balance. I also strongly recommend reading about the benefits of our Green PowerHouse "Plus" which is loaded with a vast array of super nourishing ingredients for your whole body. https://www.skin-remedies.com/Green-PowerHouse.html

Please keep me posted on your progress Lin.

Warm Regards,

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