fresh skin and hair loss

by Robert
(Northern Ireland)

Dear Nannette,

My issue was dried out skin, especially around the forehead, around the eyes and neck, I am 26 years old and looked older than I should have, complexion was pale and wrinkles starting to form, guess it could have had something to do with starting smoking for 10 years now or so lol.

However, using your cream everyday, myself and friends and family and the ladies have noticed a difference in my skin, it just looks so much more youthful and fresh looking and faded the wrinkles drastically, in honesty I was skeptical the cream would help my skin at all, after using many many creams and lotions due to eczema for years. it is a great product, as well as your shampoo treatment, it leaves the hair looking very clean and healthy.

I have read other testimonials that even customer's hair have grown back with the use of your products, fingers crossed my balding comes to a halt.

thank you,
Northern ireland

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Response to: fresh skin and hair loss
by: Nanette with Skin-Remedies.com

Hello Robert,

I am so happy to hear of your ongoing success with our products. And I truly thank you for sharing your experience with our viewers as this helps others to find hope that they too can achieve the healthy skin and scalp they are seeking. It is truly our passion to reach out and help people who are suffering with the various skin and scalp conditions all around the globe.

Please continue to share your progress with me Robert.

Warm Regards,

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