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Thank you so much for your products. Your Face & Neck TheraCream have healed my dry, itchy, sensitive, acne prone 49 yr old skin. No prescribed or over the counter pill/product/laser has been able to do that and I have tried everything and have spent thousands of dollars. Thanks again!!! Now, I want my son to use your Double Strength Theracream and Herbal Shampoo Treatment for his dry hair which we are attributing to him taking Acutane. I believe he should apply the cream on his scalp at night and than wash his hair in the morning with the herbal shampoo. My question is, should he use conditioner after shampooing?

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Response to: Great Products - Dry Scalp
by: Nanette with Skin-Remedies.com


You are very welcome! It is our passion to see people get their skin issues resolved and are happy with their results! The Double Strength TheraCream and the Herbal Shampoo Treatment are the correct products for your son's dry scalp and as far as a conditioner, he will not need to apply any as our shampoo is highly moisturizing and will not only provide moisture to his scalp but to his hair follicles as well.

Please keep me posted on his progress!

Warm Regards,

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