Hair Products Could Be Causing Your Skin And Scalp Problems

It's hard to believe but hair products CAN cause dandruff, itchy, dry scalp and even acne. I will provide you information in learning which ingredients to avoid and which ones to look for!

There are many, many skin and scalp conditions that are actually caused by the very products (most of them highly advertised) we use daily.

Avoid damaging ingredients contained in most products on the market.  Your hair and scalp need just the right natural ingredients.

Have you ever experienced a break out on your forehead after your hair stylist gave you the new "bangs" of the season? What about the sides of your face feeling dry and itchy after using your shampoo or hairspray or other hair products?

Here is the problem: Many people can have a reaction to the harsh synthetic chemicals and other ingredients that can be found in some of your favorite hair products.

It may happen to you even if your skin is normal, dry or oily. Learning which ingredients to stay away from will keep your skin, scalp (and overall health!) balanced and healthy looking.

Top Irritating Hair Product Ingredients

Here are the top 8 ingredients that can irritate your skin in addition to having a negative effect on your health:   (click on each word to learn more)


2) DEA (diethanolamine), MEA (monoethanolamine) and TEA (triethanolamine)

3) FORMALDEHYDE -Imidazolidinyl DMDM Hydantoin 






Some people ask, "Why should these ingredients be of concern? These chemicals go only skin deep, right?"  Their use in skin and hair care is damaging as it can be absorbed into the body and cause havoc the various bodily systems.

Additionally, they may be damaging to the immune system, especially within the skin as skin layers may separate and cause inflammation as well as causing damage to the hair follicle resulting in hair loss.

In fact, shampoos rank among the hair products most often reported to the Food and Drug Administration in association with dry scalp, irritation and outbreaks, stinging eyes, and tangled, split, and fuzzy hair.

Use Only Natural Hair Products

As an advocate of natural remedies, I believe in the immediate and long term benefits of using only natural skin and hair products for your scalp.

It should contain the right combination of natural herbal extracts, vitamins C and E, tea tree oil and more. You see, these are highly reparative ingredients that can be used for every type of scalp condition! And the body responds quickly to "natural" as you will see.

Remember, this is your valuable life, your wonderful body, your rightful health......choose wisely and please stay informed.

Letter to Nanette:

I was so relieved when you explained that so many hair products out on the market contain chemicals that our skin can react to. I was actually beginning to think that something was seriously wrong with ME! I followed your recommendations and what a difference in my skin and scalp. The itchiness and rashes are now gone thanks to your advice. Sincerely, V.L., Athens, MI

I have dermatitis on my scalp and from time to time it gets very itchy. I have tried prescription drugs and over the counter products, shampoo, scalpcian, and several other products and always end up with reoccurring itch. I tried your Herbal Shampoo Treatment and now I do not want to be without it! The flakes stopped within three days…..thanks for coming up with such a great product…next I will try the face cream….Sincerely, Beverly D., USA

Hello Nanette,

I had itchy bumps and dry scaly patches all over my scalp......it started months ago at the base of my scalp near my neck with this pulling sensation and I had been having trouble with my eyes as well. You explained that I could be having a negative response to the harmful Sodium Lauryl Slfate in the shampoo I was using which you said can cause a red, drying rash on the scalp, around the eyes and along the neck, with flaking, peeling, and itching. I immediately started using your Herbal Shampoo Treatment accompanied by the Double Strength TheraCream and my scalp completely healed up! I am so pleased I found your website! Dianne N., Indianapolis, IN

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