ingredients in face and neck cream

by natalya
(midland nc)

My 3 month old son has eczema on his cheeks. I put some coconut oil on it and he had a terrible allergic reaction where his face broke out and started oozing. His eyes swelled and had hives on his body. We went to to the er and they prescribed hydrocortisone cream. I noticed that your face and body cream has coconut oil as one of the ingredients so I'm wondering if he will be allegiance to it. What do you think?

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Response to: ingredients in face & neck cream
by: Nanette with Skin-Remedies.com

Hello Natalya,

When you went to the ER with your son for his reaction to the coconut oil did the doctors confirm by lab test, that your son was in fact allergic to coconut oil? The reason I ask is because his reaction may in fact have been due to placing straight coconut oil directly on his young skin. It is always recommended to have certainty in what your child is allergic to because as he gets older, there are a large number of food products on the market that may contain some form of coconut oil. That said, I would not recommend the face cream because, even though there is a very small amount of this ingredient in the cream I would not recommend using it based on his reaction you described to straight coconut oil. I would however, recommend our My Daughter's Hand & Body TheraCream as it is coconut oil FREE and can be used on his cheeks and wherever he has eczema. When using this cream on his cheeks, you can water it down with some water to thin it out since the facial skin is thinner than the rest of the body. I would also recommend cleansing with our All Over Face & Body Wash which is gentle and soothing. As a final note, I recommend for moms and dads to go ahead and show the ingredients to our products to their pediatrician if they have any concern about any of the ingredients with regards to your child and possible allergies.

Please feel free to contact me with any other questions you may have. Natalya and please keep me posted on your son.

Warm Regards,


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