Itchy Dry Scalp

by Lois
(Bay City Texas)

Just recently my scalp has become very dry and itchy, and my hair has begun to fall out, I have no rash but oh so dry. I have been using coconut oil on my skin but doesn't help much.

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Response to: Itchy Dry Scalp
by: Nanette from Skin-Remedies.com

Hello Lois,

The symptoms you described are unfortunately all too common these days. For itchy dry scalp here is what I would highly recommend: first apply our Double Strength TheraCream to the affected areas and leave on for at least two hours and preferably over night. Then wash with our Herbal Shampoo Treatment. These two products work quickly to alleviate dry, itch scalp and helps to promote a healthy balance to the scalp.

Please keep me posted on your progress Lois.

Warm Regards,

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