What Can I Do For
Itchy Skin?

Itchy skin syndrome can affect young and old alike and can have many different causes.

Many people ask, “What causes the skin to itch?” Well, many things can make your skin itch. Dry skin, eczema , and hives can cause itching all over your body. You might feel itchy in only a few parts of your body.

Rashes, itchiness and dry skin can be unbearable!

Contact dermatitis is another cause of all-over itching. You can get this condition after your skin comes in contact with something that irritates it.

Other common causes of this kind of itching include *insect bites *infections like ringworm *soaps and body lotion filled with chemicals *synthetic clothing *strong laundry soap *allergies to plants or to the metals in costume jewelry and *dry air to name a few. Actually, many commercially produced soaps and lotions are the #1 reason for your dry itchy skin. Even the ones labeled as “pure” can start you itching almost immediately after use.

You see, I tell my customers that most skin sensitivities are either caused or aggravated by these synthetic chemicals in lotions, creams, make-up, hair products and soaps.

Preventing Dry Itchy Skin

A common question is, "How can I keep my skin from getting dry and itchy?"

1) In your home, use a humidifier to put moisture in the air during the winter and in dry weather.

2) You can use a mild, unscented, hypo-allergenic laundry detergent, avoid fabric softeners, and try using an extra rinse cycle to keep your clothes and bed sheets from making your skin itch.

3) Choose clothing made of soft fabrics like cotton or silk. Avoid wearing clothing made of rough wool, which can irritate your skin and make it itch.

4) Try to take short, lukewarm baths or showers and use only cleansers that does not contain lye, dyes or perfumes or fragrances that only irritate your skin.

Wash with only with a "non-soap" cleanser that is pure and gentle. It should be hypo-allergenic and contain only herbal ingredients that will help add much needed moisture.

Vitamin-derived antioxidants from plant sourced ingredients not only make the best ingredients for your "inside", but for your "outside" as well. A pure and gentle cleanser is just right for all skin types, conditions and ages.

Itchy Skin Cream Recommendation

Often asked is, "What type of cream should I use to relieve my itchy skin?

The Right Cream Is Essential

Find the best moisturizer and apply, apply, apply! A great moisturizer will work well to treat sensitive itchy skin. But finding a therapeutic moisturizer that is hypo-allergenic (it should say so on the label) is equally challenging as finding the proper cleanser.

The "right" therapeutic cream should be formulated with only the best and healthful ingredients!

Since itchy skin is produced by dry cells, one of the main ingredients should be urea . This is a powerful “humectant” and actually unpacks dry, damaged cells and binds water 7 layers deep below the surface of the epidermis, right down to the stratus corneum, which is the skin building layer, allowing your sensitive skin to repair from “the bottom up”.

Only natural and organic products are designed to truly repair and hydrate problem skin and bring relief to parched, itchy, red and cracked skin of all types.

Healthful vitamins and herbal botanicals together with the super moisturizing ingredient – shea butter - produce fast and highly effective results.

Know that the best moisturizers are also the thickest and have a very rich emollient level.

Since dry, itchy skin is more likely to get infected, it is important that a therapeutic cream have great anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Be sure to put your moisturizer on your skin several times during the day and apply it right after you wash or bathe.

My strongest advice is to be consistent and use only natural and hypo-allergenic cleansers and body creams.

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Letter to Nanette:

Nothing I used would stop the horrible itching I would experience all over my body during the dry winter months. I would get red and blotchy and at times even bleed from the scratching I would constantly do. When I spoke to you I didn't think your recommendation would work (partly because it seemed so uncomplicated) but I tried it anyway. Well, let me tell you that the itching stopped immediately and the red, dry, blotchy skin was gone in a total of 3 days. I will never doubt natural remedies again and I will eternally be grateful for your advice. M.J., Boston, MA

Hi Nanette,   Thank you for your amazing products!!   I've had bumps on my skin across my nose and the bridge with redness and swelling. The rash was very itchy.  My doctor recommended using cortisone cream and  I reluctantly tried a few applications of the cortisone cream but it did nothing.  I also tried natural oils and lotions, but nothing I used helped.  As soon as I applied your Face & Neck TheraCream I literally felt it working immediately, and within 4 days the rash was almost completely gone.  I also had a nasty insect bite on my ankle that was very itchy and swollen and applied some Face & Neck TheraCream and totally forgot about the bite because it totally disappeared after one application.  I wish I would have had your cream for all the years I suffered from eczema on my hands. I will recommend your products to anyone I encounter needing help with a skin condition.  Thank you so much for coming to my rescue. I always want to keep your cream on hand for my very reactive skin. You were an answer to my prayers.  Gratefully, Sandra

Dear Nanette:

My 83 year old mother is extremely pleased with the rapid improvement she is seeing from using 'My Daughter's Hand and Body TheraCream' as it is greatly helping with an itchy body rash that she has been trying to fight for two years now. Best Regards from a happy daughter! Mrs. Adler, MN

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