Laser Burned Hair

by Cindi

I purchased a laser for Photo Facials from China which was not FDA approved. After using it 6 times, my eyebrows started falling out and my scalp started hurting and burning. Several months later my hair started falling out. My scalp is now flaky and dry and my hair is very thin.
Will the cream and shampoo work for this condition? Do you think the hair follicles are too damaged for my scalp to recover?

I had beautiful hair and eyebrows prior to this. I have been getting cortisone shots on my eyebrow and hip areas. I stopped once and my hair greatly started falling out. Do you have any suggestions?

I've used your shampoo once and it has worked better than any shampoo I have tried so far including the ones the dermatologist gave me. I am a little afraid to try the scalp cream.
What do you think of the laser comb? I purchased it but am afraid to use it since it was a laser that caused my problem in the first place.

I would appreciate any advice. The pain and humiliation are almost unbearable.

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Response to: Laser Burned Hair
by: Nanette from Skin-Remedies.com

Hello Cindi,

Losing hair on the face and scalp can certainly be devastating. It sounds like the laser caused some trauma to your hair follicles and quite honestly, in my opinion, I would not recommend the laser comb as there doesn't seem to be substantial research and studies on it. Although your hair follicles have been through a lot it's important to remember that the body has a great propensity to recover given the proper health building ingredients. The Double Strength TheraCream, when applied to the scalp, is very soothing and has great reparative qualities so I would recommend using it with the Herbal Shampoo Treatment. I would also recommend our Green PowerHouse "Plus" which contains a large variety of highly nutritious ingredients that help to strengthen the body. Consistency and patience will yield very good results.

Please keep me posted on your progress Cindi.

Warm Regards,

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