my feet are hurting to walk.

by S. Barton

my feet had some dry skin on the sides of my heels that when rubbed backwards was like scales. My heels were rough too. Someone told me I should get one of those cheese grater type thing and a pumice stone and after I took a warm shower try to file all of that down. So in my ignorance I did just that. Now my feet are just killing me. I guess my question would be..#1 is there hope now for my feet to recover from my ignorance? #2 Will your product help with this issue? Please help Ma'am! Thank you S. Barton

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Response to: My feet are hurting to walk.
by: Nanette with Skin-Remedies.com

Hello S. Barton,

Yikes......scraping scaly dry and very thick skin such as the soles of your feet with a cheese grater is not only dangerous but could result in an infection. Have hope though because yes, the skin has a great propensity to repair and restore given the right health building ingredients. What I highly recommend is cleansing first with our All Over Face & Body Wash as this is the proper pH and will begin the moisturization process followed by an application of our Double Strength TheraCream twice daily. We have a large number of customers with the symptoms you have described and who have found great relief and resolve with these 2 fast acting products.

Please keep me posted on your progress.

Warm Regards,

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