Care For Rosacea
The Natural Way

Facing the world every day with rosacea can be devastating. I will share with you some natural and effective ways to care for this condition.

First, know that this is a chronic skin disease that results in redness and swelling, particularly on the face, due to inflammation of the blood vessels or swollen and damaged veins.

And although women are three times more likely than men to suffer from this condition, men tend to have more severe symptoms. This condition most commonly afflicts adults between the ages of 30 and 60 though it has been known to afflict children. It most commonly affects fair-skinned people with blond hair and blue eyes, although anyone can become affected.

I've spoken with many individuals with rosacea who have shared that their skin problem has decreased their self-esteem and self-confidence. Know that if you suffer with this disease you are not alone. This condition affects over 14 million people in the United States alone and these numbers are increasing everyday.

Although the precise cause of is unknown, experts believe that it is caused by heredity and environmental factors. The symptoms can be triggered by a variety of lifestyle factors causing outbreaks in people that have the disease as well as a malfunctioning immune system.

Symptoms Of Rosacea

Many people ask, "What are the signs and symptoms I should watch for?"

Rosacea often begins with the tendency to blush or flush easily; it is often confused with acne or sunburn because it causes redness and swelling.

Symptoms vary from person to person and include:

•redness on the cheeks, nose, chin or forehead - this may be subtle at first and then progressively worsen

•small visible blood vessels on the face that in time, enlarge

•bumps or blemishes on the face that never seem to heal(blemishes usually appear as small, red bumps)

•irritated, itchy, watery eyes (the eyes become affected in 50% of people with the disease)

Symptoms can also include facial itching, burning and stinging. 

Know that the longer you leave your symptoms uncared for, the worse your condition will likely become.

What Causes Rosacea To Flare Up?

If you have this condition, be aware of certain factors that can cause flare-ups. The most common factors that aggravate rosacea are:

•Sun exposure: Make sure you apply a sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher year round in order to minimize the negative impact of the sun.

•Hot weather: Stay indoors in a cool, air-conditioned environment as much as possible on hot days.

•Emotional stress: Reducing stress is key to beating flare-ups.

*Reduce your intake of caffeine and make sure you get 8 hours of sleep every night. Simple stretches can help you reduce muscle tension.

•Spicy or hot foods: Avoid black and white pepper, paprika, red peppers and cayenne. Also, stay away from overheated beverages, like hot coffee as well as avoiding the caffeine in coffee and other beverages.

•Exercise: Exercise more frequently, but for shorter intervals to avoid overheating.

•Since Tobacco products are stimulants they are not recommended. Smoking also damages blood vessels which may worsen some symptoms.

•Hot showers, baths and warm rooms may cause a problem for some people.

Take care of your skin. Choose skin products carefully. Avoid scrubbing and products which may irritate the skin including exfolliant and astringent products. Stay away from products as well as cosmetics and moisturizers that contain synthetic chemicals, mineral oil and fragrance. This includes hair sprays and shampoos that your face may come in contact with. Use water-based make-up and sunscreen.

Be aware that any creams containing steroids and hydrocortisone can cause harm to not only your skin but overall health.

Rosacea Recommendations

Now that you know what this condition looks like and what triggers it, here are some important recommendations for those who are experiencing symptoms:

Skin Care

1) Cleanse with warm (not hot) water and use a mild, "non-soap" cleanser that is hypo-allergenic, fragrance free. It is important that it contain only natural ingredients filled with nutrients that will begin moisturizing your skin.

Most soaps (even those listed as gentle or doctor recommended) are extremely drying and contain harsh chemicals that irritate the tender face skin.

2) Next, it is important to couple your rosacea care with a cream that is specially formulated for the face. It must be a fragrance free, natural and deep moisturizing in order to begin calming the inflamed, flaky and acne prone areas of this condition.

A quality face cream should also be formulated with vitamins and herbal botanicals to have the capability to begin hydrating and soothing this type of problem skin. Also important is that it stops any itching while it's working.

3) Since bacterium that leads to intestinal infection has also been identified as a possible cause of rosacea, a supplement that provides high nutrition, good flora and fiber would do much to not only help clear up this condition internally, but provide a vast amount of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, chlorophyll and other important phyto-nutrients. This is a great advantage in any health condition.

4) A malfunctioning immune system is often a contributing factor in the development of rosacea and a proper diet is essential for overall bodily health enhancement.

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