by Debbie
(Jacksonville, FL USA)

I was having a skin issues which looked like small acne bumps that had small puss heads. I dealt with this from 2013-2016 and trying, but with no avail, to completely eliminate it. I was almost positive I was allergic to white paper...paper towels, toilet paper, and facial tissue etc. Then I finally broke down and went to a dermatologist because the sores were getting close to my eyes. He took one look at me confirmed that I had rosacea! I was like...WHAT? Well all he wanted to do was put me on a medication and an ointment that had two different parabens and other toxic chemicals...NO WAY WAS I DOING EITHER ONE! So then I went on the hunt for a cure, and of course there isn't one, and that is how I came across the Aim 2 Health products and thought what have I got to lose. So first thing in the morning I did a regiment of a thin layer Organic rosehip oil all over the face and let it soak in for 10 or more minutes. Then I applied the "MY DAUGHTERS HAND & BODY THERACREAM"
from Aim 2 Health. You can apply makeup over this too. So I did this in the A.M., and in the P.M. before bed. So twice a day. (still) Now I very rarely, if ever have a Rosacea breakout. I do this every morning, and before bed and I only get a spot once in a while. I only seem to get spots when my face gets really flushed and have no way of cooling it down immediately. I still go out in the sun and do all my normal routines...So it's daily life as usual! This product is awesome and all you out there with any skin issues, I would suggest this regime, even if you do have oily skin, this will not make it worse for you, if anything it should clear your skin right up. Also do yourself a favor if you have rosacea, clean up your gut health! This is part of the problem too, but do it naturally!!
I really want to thank the Aim 2 Health company for all they do in making these wonderful products...don't ever stop making them!

Jacksonville, FL

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Response to: Rosacea
by: Nanette with SKin-Remedies.com

Hello Debbie,

What a wonderful testimony and I and the staff at Aim 2 Health SKIN REMEDIES want to thank you for sharing that with us and our viewers! It is truly our ongoing passion to help people around the world get the resolve they are seeking from their skin issues. Your story will certainly help and inspire those who read it and encourage them that there is "an answer" out there!

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts Debbie!

Warm Regards,

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