Prevent And Care For Summer Time SunBurn!

Sunburn can happen to any one of us. With so many outdoor festivities keeping us out in the sun, sometimes we may not be as diligent about applying a natural sunscreen as we should be. I will provide you with important information regarding the prevention and care of summer time sun damage.

Skin That Has Burned From The Sun Needs Special Care

Every year there are many, many cases of children, women and men experiencing mild to severe sun damage (note that the older we get, sun damage brings on age spots ). Remember that if you get a burn or form a tan, you will have ultraviolet radiation damage and unfortunately, the body really doesn't forget this damage. It accumulates from childhood through adolescence and adulthood, and this can lead to skin cancer.

Prevention of a sunburn is the number one rule and you can do this by adhering to the following guidelines:

Always use a waterproof, natural sunscreen with at least a 30 SPF (sun protection factor) -- the higher, the better for protection from ultraviolet damage and skin cancer -- before going outside in the daylight.

1) Wear clothing with high SPF. Even then, don't forget to put sunscreen on all exposed skin.

2) The format of the sunscreen -- stick, lotion or spray -- doesn't matter as long as it is used. 

3) Because sunscreens are not recommended for children younger than 6 months, dress infants in a hat, long sleeves and long pants and keep them in the shade whenever possible. Carefully applying a little sunscreen on their exposed face or hands should be fine.

Sunburn Recovery

"In the event that a case of sunburn strikes you or a loved one, don't despair.

Follow these simple steps towards recovery.

1. If you have a burn the first thing you need to do is to apply Aloe Vera gel and a rich cream containing shea butter and herbal nutrients. These two combined make up the number one treatment because it soothes and heals the skin.

Make sure to stay away from Vaseline or petroleum-based lotions. They block the skin's ability to breathe and sweat only intensifying the problem.

2. DO NOT pick at blisters or peels. Treat skin the same way you would a regular burn like from a hot stove -- apply a natural cream with a strong humectant such as urea to the area. The urea will also provide anti-itch properties as well as prevention of infection.

3. Use a lip balm that has healing and moisturizing properties. It is important to keep, yes, even your lips, moist to prevent extreme dryness and possible cracking.

To better prepare your skin for "fun in the sun", use a rich herbal cream that will not only greatly moisturize your skin but increase the health and endurance of your skin's ability to handle the UV rays we are exposed to.
Creams that contain shea butter as well as vitamins A, C and E provide a certain natural level of sun protection (however, please apply your SPF sunscreen every time you or a family member go out).

Remember, that water attracts the sun rays in a powerful way so be extra careful around pools and oceans. And re-apply sunscreen cream frequently. Many people ask what is a good, natural sunscreen they can apply. A more natural approach to sunblock would include zinc oxide which is a mineral that provides complete UVB/UVA protection, and is considered a safe sunscreen ingredient.

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Letter to Nanette:

My family and I took a summer beach vacation. On one of the days I fell asleep in the sun and got terribly sunburned on my legs. Fortunately, I remembered that mom had packed one of the creams you recommended and I quickly applied it day and night until the redness and tenderness was gone. I was able to get back on the beach and enjoy the rest of our vacation together. C.W., Chicago, IL

Thank you so much for making your My Daughter's Hand & Body TheraCream! I appreciated your rapidly sending me the cream before my trip. I'm actually getting one of the nicest tans I've ever had simply by using your cream and protecting my skin before going in the sun. I also gave your company name to a local store to see if they'd like to stock your product too. Take care and enjoy the summer! Karen

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