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I had psoriasis on my elbow and have used a steroid cream for several years. It was a viscous cycle! My elbow got red, scaly and sore. When I used steroid creams, it went away but when I stopped the cream it came back. That’s when I went online and found your product – "Double Strength Cream" and have been using it for about two weeks. I am amazed that within two days my elbow was clear! And I can use this cream every day, so now I can avoid the “waiting” for the next episode of irritation. Thank you so much for helping me end this horrible cycle!!!

P.S. Why don’t dermatologists know about your products? The next time I see my dermatologist I will taking my Double Strength Cream to show her and recommend it to her patients. Colleen T., USA

Hi Nanette, My husband had really itchy blotchy skin that would appear during the winter months. It was only on his lower half all over his legs and on his bottom. He would scratch the red blotchy rash until he bled. I had a skin problem too! Nothing I used would stop the horrible itching I would experience all over my body during the dry winter months. I would get red and blotchy and at times even bleed from the scratching I would constantly do. When I spoke to you I didn't think your recommendation would work (partly because it seemed so uncomplicated) but I tried it anyway. Well, let me tell you that the itching stopped immediately for both my husband and I and the red, dry, blotchy skin was gone in a total of 3 days. I will never doubt natural remedies again and I will eternally be grateful for your advice. J.V., Spartanburg, SC

Hello Nanette, Thank you so much for "going the extra mile" to answer our questions and thank you again for maintaining pure, quality products, and for your thoughtfulness to run sales on the things we need and use the most. We did have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, and you all are some of the fine folks we are thankful to the Lord for! Sincerely, Lauren P.

I've dealt with "normal" dandruff off and on over the year, but last summer it morphed into full blow Seborrheic Dermatitis. I lost hair, had eczema patch-like scales along my hair line, with an itchy and bone dry scalp. It was awful. I changed my diet and eliminated all processed sugars, alcohol, simple carbs, caff. etc. It helped some esp. with the itching, but it didn't go far enough to manage the flakes and dry scalp and hair. My doctor prescribed Nizoral and it seemed to work some at first but destroyed my hair which is now wispy and dry. I then tried Zincplex and it worked well in terms of "flake management" but it is drying and I still need to use it daily. And my hair was still so dry it wouldn't hold conditioner or even oil treatments.

Out of desperation I've tried every remedy I could find and take everything and anything in terms of supplements, yoga, etc. Then I cam across your products. THANK YOU! The Herbal Shampoo Treatment and especially the Double Strength TheraCream are right now the best solution to manage this condition. And though I'm not rid of the flaking 100% yet, the dry - pulling scalp are a thing of the past. Most of my hair has grown back and more importantly, it feels "normal" again.

I have a process by which I wet my hair slightly and rub in your TheraCream onto my scalp and then comb through. I leave it on anywhere from a few hours to overnight. Next I wash my hair with your wonderful Herbal Shampoo Treatment, and WHA-LA, my hair feels wonderful and scalp is 90% plus free of flakes.

Cheers, Ivan Costa

I wish to tell you that your Lip Balm is OUTSTANDING! I have used it for two days and my lips feel the best they have felt in my whole 77 years of life. I have had Ichthyosis since I was a few months old and have had problems all my life. I also am using "My Daughter's Hand & Body TheraCream and it feels so, so good after my showers. Thank you for being there for me when I need you. I have been using your Herbal Shampoo Treatment for about a year and I have no flakes anywhere on my scalp anymore. You have excellent products. Gwynn

My four year old son had a patch of dry, itchy, flaky skin on his head. At times it would be so bad that he would scratch and cut himself. I tried everything for a year. Nothing worked...until I tried your Herbal Shampoo Treatment and Double Strength TheraCream. Within a couple of days it was healed. His head hasn't itched ever since I started using the shampoo and cream. I am so relieved! I won't use any other shampoo. Really, yours is the best! I would recommend these products to anyone and everyone.

Happy Holidays! Gwen, Colorado

I just wanted to let you know that I think your Customer Service is wonderful, your products are amazing, and orders placed are shipped out quickly and efficiently! Thank you for terrific products! Christina B., USA

I am a 48 year old man with both Rosacea and Dermatitis and I have searched my whole life for products to aid these conditions. I have used many different steroids and high priced cosmetics from department stores and though they seemed to help for a while, lately everything was irritating and my skin was worse than ever. Flaking in my brows and beside my nose returned, my forehead was flushed and pustuled (something I'd never had before) and the rest was red and irritated looking.

I found your site and ordered everything, and began using it religiously. The first week I saw results, and by the end of the third week, my skin was clearer than it's been in 20 years!!!

It's given my confidence such a boost, and is almost like a dream come true. I cannot recommend these any stronger. I almost want to approach strangers and let them in on it!!! I am humbled, thankful and amazed. Aim 2 Health SKIN REMEDIES are life savers!!!

I'm also using your products for balding, as a man of a certain age. It's looking good so far. I have spent $1000’s over the years in the search for a natural cure, most things I tried, that I spent 75 to 150 dollars on end up not working and are a waste. I really, really, really believe in you and your products. I for one will recommend you to everyone I know with skin issues. I tend to get very excited about things that work, and your products are miraculous!!! Thank you so much for helping me!!!


I have been dealing with some sort of a skin condition on my fore head for about 2 years. It started with one bump between my eyes and when I scratched it, it broke open almost as a blister would. It was definitely not a typical pimple because those usually heal and scab over and this never did. Over time I started noticing more bumps on my fore head as well as bumps on my nose and on my scalp. They are always raised, sometimes white, and tend to turn red when touched and they would itch like crazy. I tried many things (including seeing over 4 different dermatologists) as well as trying home remedies. Dermatologists that I’ve seen gave me prescriptions ranging from pimple creams to steroids and everything always made the problem worse. When I ordered these Aim 2 Health SKIN REMEDIES products, I was a bit skeptical, because I don’t always trust what I read online. I’ve been using the Face & Body Wash and the Face & Neck TheraCream on my face as well as the Herbal Shampoo Treatment on my hair for about a week and I’d say that everything is about 70% better. I’m very impressed and so happy to have found something that is finally bringing my skin back to its natural healthy state! Yours truly, Lauren M., Hoboken, NJ.

I ordered your face and neck cream because I was having problems with the area under my eyes and I was amazed. For a couple of months I had been suffering with dry cracked red burning skin. The first time I put on your cream I was amazed. I could feel the relief right away. After 4 days most of the dry red skin was gone and after a week it was pretty much back to normal. I usually don't buy things like this without someone telling me about this but I was so miserable I was ready to try anything. I would highly recommend this product. Thank you for the relief. Theresa, USA

Hello, I came to your site because my face always flushed easily and was persistently red, rough and dull. The texture was like light sand paper. I think I had rosacea accompanied by a few pimples. The texture and dryness of my skin was driving me crazy! Your Face & Body Wash and Face & Neck TheraCream had corrected my problem and now my skin is so soft and smooth and I can't say enough about it! Thank you so much.

After two years of suffering and trying every organic/natural remedy that was recommended, in less than one week of using your Face & Body Wash and My Daughter's Hand & Body TheraCream my skin is nearly completely healed. I think I contracted ringworm or that I have had some other fungal skin problem (in my midriff area and under my large breasts). I am very grateful and will be ordering your Face & Neck TheraCream next as a birthday present to myself soon. Thanks and bless you so for your gift to us. P.V., US

I wish to tell you that your Lip Balm is OUTSTANDING! I have used it for two days and my lips feel the best they have felt in my whole 77 years of life. I have had Ichthyosis since I was a few months old and have had problems all my life. I also am using "My Daughter's Hand Cream" and it feels so, so good after my showers. Thank you for being there for me when I need you. I have been using your hair shampoo for about a year and I have no flakes anywhere on my scalp anymore. You have excellent products. Gwynn

I am wondering if you will be having any special deals coming up soon for the Christmas Holidays, such as, buy 3 jars and get one free. We have been asked about your Double Strength TheraCream by a couple of relatives so I thought we may order quite a few jars, give them each one and pass on your website details. I don't want to go ahead and order and then miss a special by a few days. The cream is just wonderful and my husband said to hurry and order a good stock of it in case you decided to no longer produce it. I'm sure this would never be the case. Kind regards, Helen B., Melbourne, Australia

Hello, I would just like to say thank you for your amazing Face & Neck TheraCream which arrived a few days ago. I bought it to try and combat dry, flaky eyelids that were puffy, red and itchy. I knew the dangers of steroid creams on the eyes but nothing else was touching the condition, which also made my eyes pour when outside even if there was only the lightest breeze. In desperation I searched the net for a solution and luckily stumbled across your website via a forum and, although I must confess without much expectation, gave your product a go! To my surprise it has taken just 3 days using your cream around my eyes morning and night (and a little more than that on the first day only) to restore them back to normal. Amazing!

I was dreading my son's wedding at the end of the month thinking I would have awful looking eyes in all the pictures - so I am now happy to see that the skin has completely calmed down, stopped flaking and the puffiness and redness gone. Glad I found you - great stuff! Shelley

My name is Camden Mills and I just wanted to leave a comment about my experience with the products. I have a combination of seborrheic dermatitis and acne. Since I was 15 (now 25) I have tried many different methods and products to help deal with both of them and nothing worked properly. If something worked for my acne, it would make my seborrhea horribly worse and vise versa. I was very curious when I found your site and thought I would give it a try with really nothing to lose. I am so impressed with both the All Over Face & Body Wash and the Face & Neck TheraCream. They worked so well for me that both my acne and seborrheic dermatitis has vanished. I never thought I would be able to find something that did both and I will never switch now that I know the products work. Thank you for having products that do what they say they will and help with so many skin conditions, I couldn't ask for better.

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