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Hi Aim 2 Health staff especially Nanette..

:) I would like to thank you all for helping me solve my daughter's eczema soreness. My daughter has been having bad eczema only on her face and it is really painful for me to see my little baby going through so much pain. I managed to chance upon you guys as I was researching about the steroid cream my doctor prescribed to my daughter. Imagine the rude shock I had finding out about the side effects of it....and yes steroids only made her skin more sore after each relapse. Finding your website is a MIRACLE for me...! I also recommended your products to my parents a few days back and ordered for them. Will let you know of the outcome. My mum has been having psoriasis for nearly 25 years and I really hope this will be her miracle too after trying hundreds of products.

Thank you once again Aim 2 Health! Regards, Nurul

Hi. I'm here as a happy customer. As a nurse my hands can't keep up with the torture they endure with antibacterial products. Your creams are healing them beautifully--even during mid-winter! Gloria

Just a quick note to tell you how happy I am with the Face & Neck Theracream! This is the first moisturizer that has helped my red, itchy and swollen eye lids in quite a few years, without exaggeration. I have been applying it a couple times a day for only 3-4 days and I have seen a big improvement already. I am so much more comfortable "in my own skin" than I have been and it is such a relief. I had cream from the eye doctor that was very strong and I did not like using it on a frequent basis. Your cream has helped to prevent me from having to use the strong stuff that I don't want to use. Many thanks! Mark

I had Seborrheic Dermatitis on my eye. My eyelid was red, swollen, itchy and flaking. The flaking was near my eyelashes. Steroid creams would help a bit. The before pictures were during steroid treatments. My eyes were actually worse prior to the steroids. Within 2 days of using your Face & Neck TheraCream, my symptoms were beginning to be controlled. The swelling started disappearing, the redness was gone, and the flaking had subsided. Within 1 week, I noticed a difference in the texture of my skin. It was so much smoother. I use this product twice every single day. It goes with me everywhere. I have informed both my dermatologist and eye doctor about this "miracle" cream. This is amazing. I honestly had spent a fortune on different creams, ointments, prescriptions and doctor appointments. Your cream is the only one that provided immediate results that were soothing as well. When your eyes hurt, your whole body seems to be affected. The other ointments and creams would blur my vision daily, plus they only helped a bit. Your cream is smooth, light, and a heavenly miracle. Thank you so much. Don't ever stop making it. I don't know what I would do. You are a keeper. Jill A.

My 80 year old father had spent hundreds of dollars and had seen several doctors about dry, peeling, bleeding, cracking skin on the tips of his fingers. He glued them, soaked them in coal tar, put topical ointments on them, wore gloves driving and working and absolutely nothing had helped. I was desperate to help him! I read your website information and ordered the My Daughter's Hand & Body TheraCream for him to put on during the day and the Double Strength TheraCream to put on at night before he went to bed. Now his hands are almost totally better and NO MORE BLEEDING OR CRACKING! It's such a relief to see my father with normal skin again....thank you!! Tracey M.

Hi, I had very dry skin on my face for a few years and I was originally told I had eczema, then rosacea (I had bumps under the surface). I went from having beautiful skin to developing a small red patch of dry skin on my cheek (after the birth of my child) and my problem had spiraled out of control from there. I was given hydrocortisone from my doctor, unaware of the side effects at the time. I then started getting dry skin under my eyes and very itchy eye lids that swelled and burned. This problem made me feel very low and very dis-heartened. Then a friend recommended your Face & Body Wash and your Face & Neck TheraCream and after 2 1/2 weeks I saw amazing results! I can't thank you enough for your products and how my skin has returned to being beautiful once again! Sandra V.

Hi! Recently I had been having problems with extremely dry skin on my face. It started around my lips. I developed very, very tiny almost invisible bumps around the outer edges of my lips that were very itchy and dry! I used Aquaphor (dermatologist recommended) to treat it...but it didn't get better. After a few weeks I started developing dry patches around my eyes and the area of skin there started to darken. I used Aquaphor again to fix the dryness but instead of helping...I developed tiny red bumps over the areas I applied it, plus my face became swollen. I still had extremely dry dark patches all over my face and my skin became very discolored. No matter how much moisturizer I put on...within minutes my skin felt dry and scaly again! I needed help! I was afraid of going to another dermatologist who was going to just prescribe me a steroid that would worsen my condition. I was so uncomfortable and willing to try anything. I found your products and started using the Face & Neck cream morning and night. Within a few days I began feeling moisturized and the dry dark patches began to fade. Now after 3 weeks my skin is symptom free and I will always use your cream to keep my face looking good! Kim D.

My 4 month old son had red, itchy blisters on his face. When we went to his doctor, she told us that he had atopic dermatitis. She gave us cream and antihistamine to be taken for 7 days. After 7 days, there seemed to be an improvement. Then we discontinued using the cream because the steroid content was so strong and the side effects were not good but we then noticed that his scalp was flaking, the blisters on his face began to appear again on his face as well as all over his body. We sought a second opinion with a pediatrician allergist and she told us that it was too early to say that my son had atopic dermatitis. She told us that it could be seborrheic dermatitis because of the flaking of his scalp. I've been searching the net on what's the best product to use to relieve the itching, and for the blisters to disappear, and the flaking of his scalp. I had used Physiogel cream, Aveeno products and Cetaphil as his body wash, but nothing worked and it was just getting worse. I found your website and began using your products as fast as I could. I am so happy now because my son's symptoms have now cleared up and I don't have to see him suffer any more....thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Valerie K.

Hi there.....I had tried everything from emu oil shampoo bars, making my own shampoo and going no poo etc. in order to help with my dry scalp and nothing seemed to help. I then started using your Herbal Shampoo Treatment and my scalp and hair have not been this healthy in over 2 years! Thank you!! Geanna V.

Dear Nanette, I had read the multitudes of different letters from people searching for help and I was no different. The most consistent diagnosis I had was seborrheic dermatitis. It's been about 4 years since peri-menopause and menopause kicked in and I believe that was what started this all. I had red patches, some itchy, some not - around my hair line, between eyebrows, outside the edge of my nose and from the corner of my nose to the corners of my mouth and it seemed to continue to spread. The products that I had been given by the various dermatologists had ruined the skin barrier on my face and the skin tone became horribly uneven. In a few short years I had gone from being proud of my complexion to the nightmare where I try to cover my face with makeup to avoid embarrassment. I then began using your Face & Body Wash and your Face & Neck TheraCream and I can't believe how wonderful my skin became and in a short amount of time. I love these 2 products and will use them forever....thank you so much! Camilla B.

Nanette.....Thank you so much for setting me straight on mineral oil. I always thought it was a good thing to put on your skin. I will alert all of my neighborhood of friends on this. I will no longer use anything with mineral oil in it! I do love your products and will continue to use them. I have Ichthyosis and benefit greatly from items from your company. Sincerely, Gwynn M.

Thank you so much for taking the time to listen and give your wisdom and recommendations concerning my situation, Nanette. I had inquired everywhere and searched everywhere and had not found the answers you provide me that made sense! Thank you again for your expertise and kindness, and for making your Face and Body Wash one that conforms to the normal adult's skin pH. Gratefully yours, Patty W.

Just a follow up on my seborrheic dermatitis condition, or should I say my absence of this condition. It's gone, really, oh perhaps just a flake or two on my head, you know, normal stuff. About one year ago my scalp was flaky (layer upon layer including around my face, ears, and hairline), dry, and itchy beyond belief. My hair was falling out in patches and dry as straw. I tried everything including drastic dietary changes, prescription shampoo (Nizoral), yoga, you name it. The elimination of all processed sugars and simple carbs helped slow down the flaking and curb the itching. This took many months but it did make a big difference, but it didn't "cure" the condition. Prescription Nizoral shampoo worked temporarily at best and nearly destroyed my hair - made my hair even drier and straightened out every curl and wave I ever had. It took months for hair to recover. I tried a product called ZincPlex. It seemed to manage my condition but not effectively enough to make it though the day. The flakes and minor itching would return.

Then I came across your Double Strength TheraCream and Herbal Shampoo Treatment. After shampooing my hair I would rub in the TheraCream onto my scalp. After a month or so I no longer experienced "dry scalp" and that pulling feeling on your scalp associated with seborrheic dermatitis was gone. Wa-hoo!

My Doctor told me that there's no cure for S.D. per se and no known cure. HA! She's mistaken. For the last three months I have no signs or symptom's of the condition any longer. My hair is grown in completely and feels full as ever. And, I've even gone back to eating carbs, simple sugars, and even drinking again - all these things in moderation of course. There's no allergic reaction like before - crazy itching. I also believe the right diet is crucial in this process. BTW, I use your Double Strength Thera Cream as I would a pomade. After washing or wetting my hair I rub it in and brush it through. After I'll towel my hair and style it. Thank you again for such a wonderful product! Yours, Ivan C.

Hello Nanette, I started to use your creams 6 months ago, and my skin is so much better. Thanks for giving me much happiness again. I hope you continue selling your products for many, many years. Sincerely, Anderson, Brazil

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