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Just wanted to say, thank you !! Thank you, thank you, thank you times a million!! I have been so troubled with skin problems. Mainly on my face for years now. I just thought this was me and I would never have a calm clear itch free, dermatitis free skin. Since I have had it for so long, this also made me try every single face remedy under the sun. And this just led me into further despair because nothing helped. In fact they just made it worse and I thought that this is just who I am. But now seriously, I don't have a spot on my face. It feels fresh and healthy and looks like I something I have never seen on me, maybe when I was a baby, but I don't remember that. I have accepted that I can not wear make up, but I can have an itch free, spotless face and I have never been so happy:) Thanks again, I will be a customer for ever!!! Ingeborg Kremer, Norway

My daughter had been suffering with skin issues since the pregnancy of her last baby. Her skin was so bad that it was making her physically sick. She had gotten to the point she couldn't even raise her arms without pain due to her tight, dry, rashy skin.  She tried everything from supplements to bath soaks and has a closet full of creams. She came across your lotions and thought she would try them for her skin. She ordered them and now her skin is baby smooth! She was so excited to show me how smooth her arms and legs were...... no more open sores from scratching.  I now have ordered your product for my son's 6 month old daughter that has eczema as well as an undetermined skin rash. They had been using bleach baths and 4 prescribed creams on her sweet body. I'm hoping they will eventually switch her to your products.  Thank you for your wonderful products!!  Kathy

Hello Nanette,

Several months ago I went to a dermatologist and she told me that I had sebborheic dermatitis. She gave me something in a 1% solution that she thought would take care of it. I had a very itchy, red face and scalp. No help at all, so I went back and saw the doctor again. This time, the dermatologist said, "We don't know what this is, exactly, so let's just hit it with everything!" She gave me a hydrocortisone cream (2.5%), a stronger fungal cream, an antibiotic, and another pill to treat yeast infections." That should do it, right? That didn't work, either, and may have even worsened the situation. Back I went! This time they said, "We think you have rosacea" so she gave me more pills/more creams." Didn't help, and once again, possibly even worsened it a bit. I had been out of town for 7 weeks, visiting our grandkids in VA, and during that time, with the rosacea medication, decided to stop taking everything almost as soon as I got there. My face felt a bit better after that, but right before I came back home to CA, it had started getting worse again, so I decided to try Clinique's creams for rosacea. Oh boy, was that a mistake!!! After one application of the cream, my face flared up unbelievably, it sucked any moisture that was still in my skin right out, and I had horrible flaking/ peeling all over my chin area and forehead, along with intense itching.

I had to do something!!!!!! I got online, reread all the things about the various skin conditions, and decided myself that I obviously didn't have rosacea, but rather sebborheic dermatitis. I also looked up websites that had creams and shampoos/face soap that would especially treat this condition. I decided to try your Face and Neck Theracream along with your All over Face and Body Moisturizing Wash, and Herbal Shampoo Treatment and now my skin looks amazing!! With your face cream, not only did it completely reverse the flaking/dryness, but I can honestly say that my skin looks better than it did before this whole thing started, if you can believe it. I hope this is an encouragement to you! Thanks again for putting some really good products out there. Tina C., CA

I have used various hydrocortisone creams for years for scaly places on my face. I was trying to order a new kind of hydrocortisone and saw your article about your Face and Neck TheraCream as a safer alternative. I tried it and it really works. I am surprised and very pleased. My wife also has for years used very strong and very expensive hydrocortisone on itchy places on her back. She tried the Double Strength TheraCream and it works too. Thank you.

David, Nashville, TN

I am astounded with the results of Double Strength SteraCream!! It is like a miracle. I have been using natural products for many years and this is by far the most effective. Thank you so very much for this fabulous product. Tanya M., AZ

I scream about your products from the rafters!!! I may have a few more converts coming your way too. I’m seeing great results using the Double Strength TheraCream on my scalp for hair regrowth, works better than Rogaine by far. You could repackage the double cream and sell it as a natural solution for Rogaine! I’m loving the results so far!

I’m so happy to have found your products that I’m happy to make sure you guys keep goings!!! WE NEED YOU!!! Thanks, Darien

You have the best customer service I have ever encountered. I have been looking at your website and still do and I love it. You are the only ones to list ingredients and really help people!! Sonic also referred me after I contacted her and she gives you guys rave reviews as I knew she would. Bye and Thanks again. C.V., USA

I purchased 'My Daughter's Hand and Body TheraCream' and the 'Face and Body Moisturizing Wash' for my 2 year old son's skin condition. He has had horrible eczema patches since he was just a few months old and nothing has worked. His eczema was a LARGE patch he has always had on his upper thigh near his buttocks. The results are amazing! We did see great improvement after using your products and I am absolutely shocked. We have tried so many products that promise to help with difficult skin conditions and this was the ONLY ONE that improved his skin! Thank you so much for producing such an amazing product that is safe for children. P.S.....I also used your cream on my eye lid because I have periodic extreme dry patches that pop up every now and then. These products also worked magic for my problem!!.

Very Satisfied Customer and Happy Mommy!


Hello Nanette,

I would like to tell you that your Double TheraCream is working wonders and what a difference it has made in my life so far. For almost 13 years, I had developed sort of a psychological problem to where I didn't let an imperfection heal and created a large area on my scalp that I have searched for years for to heal and it never did. I tried first cortisone creams, then herbal remedies, vinegar to stop the flaking and itching, saw doctors that told me I had psoriasis on my head, offered several drugs, that I didn't fill the scripts for due to the warnings on the label. I even treated it as psoriasis as a condition, ordered miracle cures on the internet, that didn't cure it. And if I had to count the money I have spent.......oh hundreds of dollars.

It has stolen my self esteem, I haven't worn black in literally almost a decade, and it has made me constantly having to "look after" it for all this time to where it became part of me. (Of course due to the psychological part of the ordeal.) A little over one quarter of my life has been spent searching and never losing hope that something is bound to make it leave.

First, I learned about Urea on the internet, about a month ago, and went to my nearest drugstore to pick up a tube. That just made it kinda heal but kept it inflamed. Even though I saw YOUR ad first on the net, I still went and bought the drugstore version, because it was suppose to help it. But the cream that I ordered from you is the most wonderful stuff ever made on the planet.

I sure wanted to take the time to thank you SO VERY much that really these words can't express how much. If you were in the same room with me I'd hug you!!

May you always continue in your quest to helping people, with unidentifiable skin conditions, and to bless others with your gift of knowledge. And if there is anyway I can help please let me know.

Warm regards to you, and thanking you from the bottom of my heart and soul, (wishes to remain anonymous)

My 7 year old daughter has had eczema on different parts of her body and she once had it on the lid of her eye. The doctor gave me a cortisone cream but I was very worried using it near her eyes as the pharmacist told me to be careful not to rub her eye as it could cause blindness. I couldn't help but tell myself how can they give me such a dangerous cream? So I stopped using it. She also had dry skin on her elbows, on the ankles, at the end of her scalp in the back of her head, under the hair right at the top of the back neck. She has not stopped scratching (the poor thing), day and night. While she is sleeping I even noticed she gets sweaty and hot and of course this makes it worse. I have tried every single product in pharmacy that you can imagine (or almost), which mentions anything to remove or helps relief eczema, I also had cortisone cream as the doctor prescribed, but it didn't work very well and it came back after a couple of weeks, so I decided to stop it. I used your products and my little girl now has relief and you can't believe how that makes me feel as a mom!! Thank you!!

In response to your request for pictures, I am unable to take pictures of a specific skin area. I have had problems with Lichen Planas for the past two years. My recent break-out on my legs caused me to order your Hand & Body TheraCream. I had the little red bumps and clusters of such on both my legs the end of July and had to see a doctor who prescribed prednizone. It cleared within a week and then returned on one of my legs two weeks later. I then applied a topical prednizone and ordered your product that I found while surfing the network. When your product arrived, the bumps were starting to dry up (along with my skin) from using the topical prednizone, but when I applied the Hand & Body TheraCream, they were totally gone in about one day. I then started applying the Hand & Body TheraCream all over my body since I frequently have itchy and dy skin and areas of Lichen Planus that are scattered on all parts of my body. What I then noticed was that an old chemical burn I had on my neck and chest, that had been red and disclored for about 20 years, was starting to clear and return to my normal skin color just from applying your cream!! This was amazing to me. I also applied the cream to a dry area on one of my fingers that was open and bleeding. This frequently occurs because I live in a dry climate, in Wyoming. To my surprise, that totally healed in one day. I love your products and I plan to order your Face & Neck TheraCream soon. (Sorry about no pictures).

Marlynn F.

You have no idea how bad my son's eczema was! It has been an ongoing problem in just this one spot behind his right knee since he was about two months old. Steroids would make it go away quickly, but it would always return just as quickly as soon as I stopped using the steroids. I ordered your My Daughter's Hand & Body TheraCream and I kept using it several times a day (basically at most diaper changes but at least before and after bed) and it is so much better and, more importantly, I have peace of mind knowing I'm not allowing potentially harmful steroids to be absorbed through his delicate young skin. Thank you, Erica

I received the products that I purchased today; and I must admit, they are excellent.I had a dinner date scheduled for last night, and had to shave my underarms and legs. I don't shave often, because I always get an itchy, burning sensation even after I moisturize my legs with lotions, I tried so many different types to find the ones that work and do what is advertised on the package, especially the medicated lotions that have Salicylic acid and hydrocortisone which are advertised as giving soothing relief to the skin. After I shave my legs, I've always believed that the itchy burning sensation was part of shaving and to get some relief I thought that I just needed to saturate my legs with creams and lotions until this condition subsided after a few days. Today, the condition was different: I found that your Hand & Body TheraCream is the best product that I've ever used in my life (and I've purchased many different creams in my lifetime). Honestly, I just couldn't believe the immediate soothing sensation, smoothness, subtleness, and the softness on my burning, itchy legs. Today, for the VERY FIRST TIME after shaving, I enjoyed my evening out with confidence, comfort, and smooth sensational legs in a nice sleek short dress. My legs and underarms felt so, so, good. I am so happy to know that your company has integrity. I am convinced and want more of your products. On my way home, I couldn't wait until I contacted you about my testimony regarding your product; I said to myself, 'No matter how late, I will send an email to inform that company about how wonderful their products are and how well they worked for me.

Thank you for creating such a fantastic combination of ingredients and being truthful about the expected results. I have become one of your most valued costumers. I am a believer. Thanks so much for your fast delivery. You all are awesome!!! Cynthia

I am pleased to say that I am seeing an improvement in my keratoderma climacterium already. The cream is both moisturizing and exfoliating at the same time. For the first time in 2 years I am seeing healthy skin on my soles and heels. It is amazing that I finally can walk on my feet without intense pain from fissures - and all of this in less than a week! Thanks very much. I am so grateful to finally see improvement in my feet and have them look like human feet again. Warm Regards, Veronica L.

Hi, I came upon your website on Google while I was looking for something to treat dry sensitive skin. It seems like putting ANYTHING on my face irritates it. I've gone to 2 dermatologists, and both have prescribed steroid creams. They seemed to work at first, but now they seem to irritate me too. I've tried Aveeno, Eucerin and Cetaphil but they only make my skin more red, itchy, and irritated. I had dry patches on my eyelids, cheeks, around my mouth, near my ears, and then on my neck too. I tried just not using anything, but that made my face feel even more dry and almost like it was burning. I used your Face & Body Wash followed by your Face & Neck TheraCream and my dryness went away "fast"....I'm thrilled and wanted to thank you personally! Maria V., MN

I ordered your face and neck cream because I was having problems with the area under my eyes and I was amazed. For a couple of months I had been suffering with dry cracked red burning skin. The first time I put on your cream I was amazed. I could feel the relief right away. After 4 days most of the dry, red skin was gone and after a week it was pretty much back to normal. I usually don't buy things like this without someone telling me about it but I was so miserable I was ready to try anything. I would highly recommend this product. Thank you for the relief.

It is with great excitement that I send you this email thanking you for the wonderful products on your website! Within THREE days the rash that I had been battling for over a month, is now nearly completely vanished!

About six weeks ago I noticed that a rash was developing around my mouth, due to allergies and contact dermatitis. Since I am on a mission of primarily using only healthy and organic products, I ruled out hydrocortosone and steroids (which was recommended to me).

In my quest to prove others wrong, I thankfully stumbled onto your website and found your TheraCream product for face and neck. I couldn't wait to receive it! Upon the first usage that evening I immediately felt this wonderful soothing sensation. The next morning, I had ALREADY seen a difference to the rash. For the next three days I diligently applied the cream both in the morning and in the evening and I am proud to say that after only three days, my rash is nearly gone!

What a wonderful and amazing product. And what a blessing to have gotten it on your website. Thank you very much and I am wholeheartedly recommending your products to other friends whom I know. (p.s. I would have taken pictures for the before and after; however, my cell phone photo would not do it any justice.) Susie B.

Hello Nanette:

For years my feet would itch like crazy and I just learned to live with it. Then, I started to develop dry patches all over my feet and these would not only itch, but split open and bleed. I found it almost impossible to put shoes on and go to work. That's when I met with you and immediately began following your recommendations. I was shocked at how fast these products worked and thankful too!! Within a weeks time I was back in my shoes with restored skin on my feet. God bless you! Mark S., Pensacola, FL

Hello from the U.K. I wanted to write and tell you that after a year and a half of the most violent dermatitis around my eyes ( truly a blight to someone as vain as myself!!!) I had just about reached my wits end when one rainy afternoon I Googled 'dermatitis, eyes, cure' for about the hundreth time and your website popped up. I read about the Face & Neck TheraCream and thought, as I have done on a dozen occasions with other products, I will give this a try...... Two days ago the package arrived from across the pond and let me say that in two days my skin is clearer and healthier than it has been in months, please excuse the hyperbole, but it feels like a small miracle. So at the risk of repeating myself, THANK YOU !!!!! Sarah, Bournemouth, England

Hi - Ive been using your cream I bought for about a month now and my skin is so much better. No rash or flaky skin! Even with the harsh climate here your creams are working great! I plan on buying the other products you suggested and once again, thanks very much for making such an awesome product. I will definitely keep buying it in the future. Many thanks, Craig

I have been using the Double Strength TheraCream and Herbal Shampoo Treatment and my scalp is really starting to heal. I don't understand how this could be and I don't even use a conditioner!! I have only been using your two things and my hair is actually growing now....... much appreciation for products like yours that actually work!! Martin P.

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