Tightness, dryness and sensitive skin

by Cherie

I am from Singapore a 37 years old lady. Two months ago I went for a fractional co2 laser. However after the laser my face and lip were so sentized. No matter how much water I consume or the products I used on my face and lip , my skin and lip are still tight, dry, sore, painful and red and itchy at times. I have visited some dematologists and they have concluded that I have eczema or Rosacea. My family does not have any history of such problems and it was after the laser that my skin and lip went through such terrible conditions. The doctors just prescribe steroids and their face and lip products. But it just don't work for me. However I didn't use steriods on my skin and lip as I saw from your website that they are potentially harmful to our skin. I have made an extensive research from the Internet that my problem may be due to transepidermal water loss as my epidermis barrier was damaged by the laser. My skin and lip used to be very tolerant but it's so fragile now . I am really depressed. Please advice me what are the products I should get from you so that I can restore back my healthy skin and lip that I used to have.
Your help and reply will be greatly appreciated . Thank you


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Response to: Tightness, dryness and sensitive skin
by: Nanette from Skin-Remedies.com

Hello Cherie,

It can be truly devastating how the very medical procedures that are supposed to improve skin quality end up ruining the epidermis and surrounding layers. I feel your frustration and can tell you practically that the body and skin have a great propensity to repair and restore given the proper health building ingredients. I also want to commend you for deciding not to use steroid creams which all have the capability of producing various harsh side effects and thereby potentially causing more damage to your already hyper sensitive skin. I would highly recommend first cleansing once per day with our All Over Face & Body Wash which is very gentle and will begin helping to bring moisture back to your skin. Follow this with an application of our Face & Neck TheraCream twice daily and in your specific case, feel free to apply it more often if needed until your skin begins to become more balanced. As an added twice weekly application, I would also recommend our Acai Plus Facial Serum and our Advanced Hydrating Q10 Facial Cream.

Please keep me posted on your progress Cherie.

Warm Regards,

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