Type of Urea in Face/Neck cream?

Hello, I was just curious as to what type of Urea is in this product? There is a lot of info and maybe some misinformation on the internet surrounding the use of Urea in skin care products. With some types of Urea causing allergic reactions such as eczema/dermatitis. I have purchased your face/neck cream and have already seen positive results in my dry/flakey/flushed (with a little dermatitis) face in just 5 days. I have dealt with this for 7 years! Thanks for a quality product. Can this cream "cure" my dry skin by replenishing my skin with Urea and helping the skins ability to maintain water? In a sense, give it the boost it needs to maintain itself without the help of creams? Thanks.

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Response to: Type of Urea in Face & Neck TheraCream?
by: Nanette with Skin-Remedies.com


You are very welcome and I'm very happy to hear that you are seeing positive results already in just 5 days. It is certainly our mission and passion to help those who are suffering from any number of challenging skin conditions. Our products/creams contain the right amount of urea which helps to bring much needed moisture down to the skin layers and this is very important in order to maintain a healthy balance in the skin. As your skin repairs by using our cream and receiving more and more moisture on a regular basis your skin should begin to take on its own ability to maintain this balance.

As far as the type of urea we use, I do understand that there can be quite a bit of confusion as to the question of urea. You see, there are 3 different types of urea: diazolidinyl urea, imidazolidinyl urea and hydroxyethyl urea (also known as carbamide). Diazolidinyl Urea and imidazolidinyl urea are antimicrobial preservatives used in the skin care industry. They are used to protect personal care products from bacteria, yeast and mold, they do get a lot of bad press as a preservative, due to the fact that they are proven formaldehyde releasers. However, hydroxyethyl urea, which is what we use, does not fall into this category and is a potent humectant and considered safe as a cosmetic ingredient. We also use a large majority of organic herbs in our products which the urea helps to deliver to the skin layers.

Please keep me posted on your progress.

Warm Regards,

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